Chapter 1 - the only chapter

"So, what does this all add up to? I'd say it's a pretty decent, if uninventive game. Not a lot of RPGs succeed in breaking the mold, so I can't fault it too hard, but in a genre full of generic fantasy worlds, it doesn't do much to differentiate itself."
Sofia put the finishing touches on her review of Almost Ended Supposition 23.4: A Second New Beginning. The game was tiresome but worth at least that much of a rating.
Sighing, she copied the text into an email to her editor and hit send, shipping off another article to post on her review blog. She couldn't see any problems with it but Damon always found a boatload of mistakes. She relied a lot on Damon, he knew the ins and outs of English far better than most anyone she knew, and his editing brought out the best in what she had been trying to say.
"Review: done. Time for fun~" she sang to herself, and booted up the GameBox Ultra to engage herself in the much more enjoyable part of her job, playing the games.
"Let's see, what's on today's menu..." she mused, scrolling over the titles she had loaded up to play. After spinning the selection like a roulette wheel, the cursor slowly ticked over the titles she had to play until it landed on today's victim, Max Racer and the Deathly Giggles.
As the company credits and title screen flashed by, Sofia heard the front door of her apartment open, admitting what sounded like someone carrying a lot of paper-wrapped packages, judging by the crinkling sounds. The door slammed shut and the footsteps of someone heavy, or someone burdened with heavy things, clopped down the hallway toward the living room.
"Hey Sof," Damon called, dumping a load of paper bags on the coffee table in the living room, "What's up?"
"Hey, not much. Just finished my review for today, ready for you to take a look at it!"
Damon grunted and rustled around inside the bags. "Meetings all day and more work when I get home, huh? You work me to the bone, girl!"
"Meetings all day? Are those bags filled with what I think they are?"
"Maybe, lemme get settled and you'll see."
Sounds of shoes hitting the floor and a coat being thrown somewhere floated down the hall into Sofia's room.
"Ok, hope you're ready for me, I'm going to edit the heck out of that review."
"I think you mean you hope you're ready for my review, this thing is spotless this time!"
"Based on past experience, I have a feeling you're wrong, but I'm always up for surprises."
More crinkling paper accompanied Damon's appearance in Sofia's room, a paper bag in each arm.
"So, mr. editor, what's in bag number 1?"
"Take a look, ms. gamer, I've brought you wonderous goodies from the land of the publishing house."
Damon dumped the bags next to Sofia and pulled out box after box of donuts, finishing with a jug of milk at the bottom of the second bag.
Sofia giggled happily and took her hand off the controller to pat her belly, "Looks like a feast fit for a queen, let me at 'em!"
Sofia lay back on a large couch, the humongously fat woman seemingly clothed only in a stretched white tube top that covered only the nipples on her large breasts. Her belly extended five or six feet in front of her, depending on whether she had recently eaten, so large that her legs were forced apart underneath, each leg ringed with fat and pretty useless for anything related to locomotion. The auburn haired beauty's breasts, while encompassed by the tube top, lay to each side of her belly, sagging halfway to the ground because of their size and weight. Barely visible behind her, and easily missed, were the pair of panties that completed Sofia's clothing, today a nice pair in blue and white stripes.
Being careful to stay out of Sofia's line of sight to the TV, Damon grabbed a box and climbed up Sofia's humongous belly to lay on it, within easy reach of her face.
"Alright, madam queen, which ones would you like to start with first? We've got powdered, glazed, chocolate frosting... Also, where'd that laptop go?"
Sofia paused and looked around for where she had deposited the laptop after finishing her review, finding it wedged in her tube top atop her left breast.
"Here it is, I kept it warm for you~" she said, giggling. The giggling set her belly to sloshing like a water bed, rocking Damon slightly.
"Ah, thanks, doll, much obliged. That merits a treat, I think, hm?"
"Hmmm, I think I'll start with... chocolate frosted!"
Damon obligingly dug a chocolate frosted donut out from the box and dangled it in front of her mouth while she daintily bit nibble after nibble off of it until it was finished. She rarely took so much time on one donut, but she always savored the first and last when Damon fed her.
"Mmm, just as good as always, Damey."
"Glad you like em!"
Absently, he opened up the laptop and browsed to his email, opening up Sofia's review for editing. With his other hand he pulled out donut after donut and held them for Sofia to eat while she played, the morsels disappearing one after another into her massive belly. Once the box was done, he tossed it off to the side and pulled up the jug of milk for her to wash down all the spongy treats while he got to work. Sofia's writing was certainly not bad, but it needed a lot of technical fixes to be the best it could be.
Damon flipped over onto his back to focus on his work, the motion sending the bellybed sloshing. Soon the sound of tippy typing joined the cacophany coming from the TV as Damon worked his magic on the written review. Her hunger and thirst sated for the moment, Sofia continued playing the game, forming a review in her mind. Many of their nights passed like this, Damon editing Sofia's work and Sofia percolating new ideas while she digested the treats Damon collected from the office.
As the boxes disappeared into her belly, Damon's perch high on her belly got higher and higher until she was all full, the boxes depleted. Neither spoke to the other much for an hour or two, being engrossed in their own tasks, though Damon occasionally absentmindedly stroked Sofia's belly, making sweeping arcs with his fingers. Whenever he did so, Sofia let out a little happy sigh and settled herself, the motion rocking both of them lightly like a boat on a calm sea.
An hour or so after he started, Damon ceremoniously saved the completed article, hitting the enter key with a flourish, and put the laptop back into Sofia's top for safekeeping.
"Ahhh, all done. You can put it up on your blog any time you wish, Sof."
Sofia paused the game and gave him a quick grin.
"Glad to hear it! This new game I'm playing isn't half bad, you should give it a go sometime, yourself."
"You know I'm not really into the Max Racer series, Sof. I'm glad you like it, though."
"Suit yourself!" she said, shrugging, and unpaused the game.
Damon pulled himself up higher on her, high enough that he could reach her head and pull off the headband holding back her straight auburn hair and stroke it slowly while he watched her play. As he did so, she pushed her head into his hand, sighing happily. He lay back, his hand still on her head, and dozed. Sofia chuckled to herself, quietly, and lay her head on his shoulder and played her game. A few hours later, Damon now heavily asleep, she yawned and saved her game. Dousing the lights with a remote, she too closed her eyes and dozed.
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LessDumbName 8 years
Yeah, I wrote this in an hour or two spread across several days, it's definitely not edited all that much. Glad you like it though!
Blasty 8 years
Not bad at all. I noticed you used both "humongous" and "dozed" twice in quick succession, which is a no-no, but other than that this is a good start.