Chapter four: the african gorging experience.

Chapter 1 - the beginning of the african experience

Well, I thought what I have witnessed before, was the realization of me wildest gorging dreams; I was plainly and absolutely wrong. A new source of baffling and bizarre swallowing situations was to emerge, to my surprise and absolutely bewilderment and happiness too.
I spent 2 weeks in the farm, witnessing the gorging and swallowing of animal and things that the maid and the gigantic bellied mistress were doing; and each day they were rewarded by allowing them to milk me dry of me cum at their leisure, and the helped me to regain my strength, with a special concoction that the 500 pounder maid made each night specially for me. Both the maid and her gigantic mistress, watched me each day with more passion and love; they told me that I was the man that they have always envisioned, one man that could be patient with them, tender and loving one, whom let them roam and eat at their leisure, without criticizing their doings and tastes. They enjoyed me daily, and they allow me to sink me seed in their steaming hot pussies too; and their bellies swollen with life in it. Their pregnant bellies begun to swell an expand each day more, and by the end of the month, their bellies totaled the following numbers: Maid= 40 babies; Mistress: 200 babies.. When I saw the numbers, my pecker went stiff as a pole, which aroused my two huge pregnant women to pure ecstasy and delight, they fought with each other for being the first of milking me dry, which I enjoyed, because never 2 women have ever discussed nor fought for their rights upon me.
One day when I was waiting for the arrival of me breakfast, whilst drinking coffee, I was reading the newspaper, when I saw an article that caught me attention as quick as lightning; there was an increasingly high number of cases in which wild animals were causing havoc and chaos in rural places. The wild animals were harassing small farms and destroying all the plots of lands with crops of several types, which were the sustenance of small villages, and a source of economic growth and prosperity for them.

The African authorities mentioned that the animals were wild packs of zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippos and elephants; that were forced out of their natural areas, and were harassing human settlements in the borders of their natural surroundings. There were some first mishaps at the beginning, but then the troubles became in crescendo, and they finally reached extreme levels of troubles, with some casualties, and economical chaos. They were anxious to get rid of them nasty beasts, and were willing to try all types of possible formulas of getting them under control, or to get definitively rid of them.
When I saw that they were risking to try all method possible of getting rid of them pests; a brilliant idea came to me mind.. Maybe my gigantic sized lady, would like to make a travel abroad, and try new animals to swallow and gorge upon them; and with such idea on mind, went out to our patio, saw that my two lovers were enjoying a cards game, when I called them to get ready for a new travel, and an definitively new gorging adventured. Puzzled both women asked what I was meaning with that, and I told them about the situation in Africa, and the possibilities of new culinary experience; both women adored my idea, and the huge belly of me massive lover, started making huge growls and gurgles noises, as if it were approving my idea of new swallowing opportunities
The next morning I called the African authorities, and I told them I had the ideal method of getting rid of them pests, without many noises and in a discreet way. Puzzled they asked how, and I told I had a mistress, that was capable of swallowing huge animals in a short time, and also in large numbers. Baffled they were, and they told me that they wanted a proof of what I said, and I sent them a video of me mistress, swallowing an 1700 pounded horse. When they saw that she meant business, they asked how soon she could travel there, and I answered as soon as we had our passports in order and the plane tickets. They worked feverishly in them papers and in a week we got the passports and plane tickets.
The travel to Africa was a long one, yet easy, we got nice seats on the plane; and I ordered me two lovers to control their appetite whilst traveling, I didn't wanted to raise commentaries or nasty rumors; and both ladies obeyed me without asking questions; they were under me absolute power and domain, controlled their minds and wills, the liked me for it. Ah Africa, mysterious and magical continent, land of incredible jungles and wild fauna, here we came, to put some order on ye wildlife.
When we arrived, we were brought to our hotel, took some refreshments, and spent the night resting and getting ready for the next day, which included our first encounter with the local wildlife. At first hour of the morning, after a nice small breakfast, our welcoming committee, came to our hotel, brought us in very comfortable cars, to our first encounter with the pesky troublesome animals: Zebras
The zebras are like horses, except that they are white with black stripes all over, and a lil bit shorter than normal horses.. When zebras packs roam wildly on the plains, they can muster a few hundred animals, and when they trample the recently planted farms and plantations, they make chaos and havoc; so them authorities decided to get rid of them pajama colored horses, and rounded several small groups of zebras ,the most dangerous and notorious troubleshooters. I calculated between 100 or maybe 170 animals in total. Of these animals I decided to preserve 30, including male, female, pregnant females and recently born ones, so as to preserve the natural balance of the specie and not wipe it out. The authorities respected it, put them apart, and then the show began.. Mistress was seated in a small square with fences, so that animal could not escape, the first animal entered, she stood up, walked to it and as quick as lightning, she grabbed it by the ears, bit its head, engulfed it with mouth, and simply walked forward engulfing beast completely, and then swallow it in a single gulp, in seconds it disappeared in belly, which welcomed it with a massive belch.. The authorities baffled and wanting to test her swallowing capabilities, put 3 more in the square, she grabbed one first, swallowed it, and then without almost no effort, she grabbed the other 2 simultaneously ,and she swallowed the 2 of them at once, totaling 3 zebras in less than 5 mins. The Africans were so struck and surprised, they couldn't believe what they just saw. To increase the speed of dispatching zebras, the increased the numbers each time, and each time she cleaned the in minutes, until she reached the number of swallowing 5 zebras at a single gulp; the Africans were absolutely stunned and baffled, she got rid of the pesky zebras in a very short time, they couldn't believe it, yet they were pleased with results. Then one of the Africans, decided to challenge me mistress, and defied her to swallow a giraffe, ye know the long necked uber tall beast with brown camouflage patterns on skin.
Now, that I thought was a challenge worthy of her gorging capabilities. The brought a small sized one.. a very long necked fellow, she did like to it like she did to the zebra, bit it in head, and begun sucking it in. .as she did her gut begun spreading as the animal slowly began to enter in it, until nothing was left. WOW!! her massive belly spread a lot, and a very huge thunderous belch and gurgle she let out; letting us know that she was ready for more giraffes, a group of 30 of them were already herded and made ready for her. She dispatched them in a very short time, and for the giraffe finale, she swallowed the 2 biggest of them all simultaneously, right in front of the wide opened eyes of the African functionaries, many of them passed out, just like I did when I saw such an incredible feat, and before I passed out, heard the most incredible noisy and loud belly rumbles ever.
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