Chapter 1 - its been two weeks

He left some of his clothes behind the last time he stayed over: a soft grey t-shirt, a set of blue boxers, and a pair of shorts with a tear above one knee. I washed them, of course: they'd turned up under my bed, where they'd been acquiring hair and dust. And, of course, I had to try them on.
The t-shirt hangs on me, though not as much as I'd expected. I suppose that's why it always looks so tight on him, with the university logo stretched tight across his chest. He wears this one often in the hot weather, and the material is so thin from over-washing that it's transparent in places. It seems like it still smells like him, even after a washing, but that might just be my imagination, filling in the comforting, familiar smell to go with the familiar image.
The boxers, amazingly, actually stayed up on me. I have to wonder if those things are really comfortable on him: even with the give of elastic, they must cut into his wide hips. He always has an angry red band around his waist when he first takes them off, and this explains why. A larger pair would serve him much better. Even if they're sized too small for him, they're still absurdly large on me. They're much too big and baggy in the leg, and are cut to accommodate body parts I just don't have. Still, they're softer than women's underwear seems to be: designed for comfort rather than for looks.
The shorts were absolutely hopeless, and I knew it as soon as I stepped into them. Even buttoned and zipped, they fell straight down over my hips, and onto the floor. I suppose I could belt them into place, but there wouldn't be much point. It's not as if I'd ever wear them out. They're just a fun reminder of how big, how beautiful he is. I repaired the hole, since I own a sewing machine, and he doesn't.
He outweighs me by a solid hundred pounds, and every inch is glorious. And if I can't have him here tonight, I can at least fall asleep in his t-shirt and boxers, wrapped up in his smell, and the anticipation of feeling his soft arms around me again.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
oh lovely romantic ;-)
Built4com4t 9 years
wonderful...short and very sweet