Chapter 1 - a few of my favorite things

He's a wonderful one to look at. Some outfits just flatter him so well. Of course, he's downright beautiful to begin with: soft golden hair, clever, bright blue eyes, a mouth well-suited to smiling. I used to say it was an actor's mouth: expression comes easily. But actors make their living lying, and he's utterly incapable of it: every fleeting emotion shows clearly on his broad, honest face.
I've grown fond of the striped polo shirts he always seems to wear on his days off. Looking at pictures from a few years ago, he could have been his own skinny younger brother: they hung on his frame. But now, they're fully filled out, pulling tight across his stomach after a meal.
Things with high collars suit him well, too: he seems almost oblivious to the second outline he's developed around his chin, but it becomes quite obvious when he buttons his shirts up all the way.
Though I don't see it often, it's wonderful when he puts on a shirt of ringmaile. Chain shirts fit almost every form: the rings overlapping to fit slender bodies, and moving out to their farthest extent to fit fuller ones. The result is that every little fold and curve is highlighted in glistening silver.
But I think seat belts are what I like best: they frame his stomach so beautifully. Weekends become a wonderful display, as we drive off to breakfast, to a film, to lunch. The soft paunch of his stomach becomes more and more of an orb as the day progresses, and he fills himself full almost without realizing it. And then the look of mild surprise as he leans over to tie or untie his shoes, and finds that his stomach is in the way.
There are so many reasons why I love him, and so many things to share: jokes, bad movies, good food. But one of my favorite has to be admiring him, snuggling down beside him in bed and running my hands over his stomach, feeling it almost liquid beneath my fingers when it's empty, and stretched tight and hard when it's full.
And, of course, as much as all those outfits flatter his body, nothing looks quite so good as nothing at all...
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Obsessed 10 years
Its like you tore a page from my mind!
FrecherTyp 11 years
interesting view into your thoughts ^^ and very visual as Oni said ^^
OniGumo 11 years
Very good, it's quite a visual read!