Crystal's amazing show

Chapter 1

It was nice night in New York City. Warm, calm, and peaceful, it was a perfect night to go out. And so I did.

I went out with my girlfriend Crystal to this new restaurant that opened in Times Square. It was like a Applebee's/TGI Fridays' sort of place. She really wanted to go, and I wanted to go to. Not only I wanted to go because I wanted to spend time with her, but I couldn't turn down watching the sight of Crystal eating.

Crystal was a girl with an insane appetite. She declared herself a “die-hard feeder”. She had a goal to gain, to get bigger and fatter to her delight. So far, Crystal has been sticking with her plan; she now weighs 473 pounds. Even though she has gotten heavier, she is in fit condition. For a big girl, Crystal is pretty physical. Whenever I do my daily workouts, she works out with me. (I'm always amazed how good she can exercise). In addition, she takes her vitamins daily, and she usually pigs out on a balance of healthy food and junk food.

Crystal loves every inch of her body (and so do I). She had a nice big golden-brown apron belly that had some slight stretch marks and a deep navel. Her belly was a sight to behold: so soft, doughy, jiggly that it arouses me every time I look at it. Crystal seems to notice this; she always asks for a tummy rub, even when she doesn't eat. Along with her belly, she had big wide hips, nice double-D cup breasts, and one big cellulite butt that shakes like wild jelly every time she moves. Man, am I lucky to have a beautiful woman with a great personality and an amazing body.

Whenever we go out to eat, Crystal makes sure to prepare for a show. She always wear a pair of jeans that are very snug on her, showcasing her delectable curves. You see, the reason why Crystal does this is that she knows I get turned on when she makes the button on the jeans pop, letting her stuffed belly flow onto her lap like water bursting through a dam. Then, her vast belly flab oozes like lava from a volcano, exposed, jiggling, and glowing from the restaurants' lights.

I have to say, it's a great sight. It's like when vacationers go out to see Old Faithful. However, I'd take Crystal's jeans explosion over a geyser any day.

At that night, we arrived at the restaurant, where it was populated with other dining folk but surprisingly not as crowded as I expected. (Maybe people preferred McDonald's that night.) Crystal and I made a reservation, and the host seated us at a booth at the far side of the restaurant. Fortunately, there wasn't anyone around the booths. I know I personally enjoy Crystal's eating show, but from the past public outings, others don't. Usually they would comment on how fat she is or call her a pig. We ignore them. I would tell them to shut up or mind their business. Crystal thanks me for defending her, but she doesn't care what others think. That's my girl!

We sat across each other, admiring our company. I was cool in my black T-shirt and cargo shorts, and Crystal was hot in her outfit; she wore a snug light green shirt that hugged her ample breasts and belly and a pair of jeans with not one, not two, but three buttons.

The triple threat.

It was then time to order our meals. I ordered the T-Bone steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, along with a side order of chicken strips. It was then Crystal's time to order, and boy, did she order a meal.

“Could I have the same thing he has, but five orders of that one, along with three orders of the large Angus beef cheeseburger and French fries, three orders of the grilled salmon, fried shrimp and crab cakes, two orders of the lamb chops with baked potatoes, two orders of the mac and cheese with beef, an iceberg salad, and for dessert, the blueberry cheesecake, the apple pie, and the hot fudge sundae.”


Despite the insane order of food, the waiter didn't react. Either he's seen others make orders like that, or he was just being respectful. All he said was:

“Which drinks would you like with your orders?”

“Ginger ale for me,” I said.

“The same for me,” said Crystal. “But could you put it in a large pitcher?”

“Yes,” The waiter said. After he wrote our orders, he told us our food will be ready in twenty minutes and left.

Crystal gave me that look. That wild, sexy smile.

“Get ready baby, cause I'm gonna put on a show for you.”

It was at that moment when I reminded myself how incredibly lucky I am to have met this amazing woman.

“My eyes are peeled,” I replied.

The waiter arrived with our free appetizers, which were buffalo wings. When the waiter went back into the kitchen, Crystal took a wing, her eyes on me. She seductively licked the sauce off of the wing, making an orgasmic groan. With one bite, she took all the meat off the bone, chewed and swallowed. Then, she made a little giggle.

Man, that display turned me on. She repeated the same actions as we ate the wings together.

After we finished the wings, the waiter came to our booth with our food on a rolling tray. He gave me my T-Bone steak meal and gave Crystal hers. He placed my big mug of ginger ale on the table, along with Crystal's Big Gulp-like pitcher. The rest of her food was on the tray, in which the waiter left for her. The waiter left and in a flick of a second, Crystal chows down.

Instead of using the utensils, she picked all five steaks up with her hands and dug her teeth into them, ripping the meat clean off the bones. She chewed twice and swallowed the huge intake of steak. Crystal used a spoon to shovel the mashed potatoes in her mouth and ate the chicken strips as if it was a Big Mac. The five steak meals were done in ten minutes.

“Mmm, yummy!” Crystal said as she rubbed her stomach, which was already pushing on the jeans. She stared at me with that sexy look, knowing I was enjoying every minute of this.
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