The holiday feast

Chapter 1 - 1

Come here, readers, grab some Swiss Miss,

I'm here to tell a tale of a big meal around Christmas.

Why eating a meal be worth a tale, you ask?

Because, there is one person who's up to the task!

One week before Christmas, when college was out,

there was a girl named Sarah who was cooking about.

Days of baking and frying and steaming to no end,

Sarah was so tired, her knees wouldn't bend!

After cooking was ceased, Sarah said in a cheery sound,

"Why, I've made a meal that could feed people all around!"

She made such a variety of many different foods,

She said to herself, "Eating this whole thing would be oh, so good!"

Her thought raced frantically throughout her head,

but Sarah knew this was for her family instead.

They were coming to her house this holiday season,

Trying out her cooking-yeah, that's the reason!

Soon, the phone rang, and Sarah went to answer,

Walking with the light elegance of a ballet dancer.

A few minutes, Sarah hung up, because she soon found

That instead of heading out, the family will stick around.

Sarah felt sad, angry understandably,

"What to do with this food that was for my whole family?"

She was without a doubt furious, a tad frustrated;

"This meal took a very long time to be created!"

Sarah sat at the table, crying with a frown,

but then something stopped the tears that would drown.

It was the aroma, the intoxicating scent,

of the mighty big feast, in front of her, present.

The tears stopped, the sadness subsides,

As Sarah had a thought rolling in like an ocean's rip tide.

"If my family wouldn't come to eat,

Then this meal would be my Christmas treat!"

She grabbed a napkin, plate and fork,

Along with a glass, and a wine with a cork.

Sarah sat in front of the colossal feast

And after her prayer, began to eat like a beast!

She gobbled down a bowl of brown rice,

And after a little burp, Sarah added, "Mmm, that was nice!"

She sipped some wine, and before she began to start,

BBRRUMMMPFFFHFFFT...she made a loud fart.

Sarah knew the stinky smell was hard to handle,

So then, she lit a red scented candle.

The candle's smell of honey blocked the rancid scent,

And so, on to the eating that Sarah went.

She ate heavy portions of pasta, bread with grape jelly,

With each bite she made, the food went in her belly.

Her stomach grew, showing from her shirt,

But Sarah didn't mind at all, as long as it didn't hurt.

Minutes went by, and an hour came near,

Sarah rested in her chair, belly shaped like a sphere.

It began to groan, grumble, and turn,

Complaining about the food it has to churn.

Hands on her belly, Sarah rubbed it slow,

Noticing her stomach giving off a healthy, warm glow.

She felt good, very relaxed to say the least,

And after a minute - "On with the feast!"

Sarah's eating was rapid, so crazy and malicious,

but who could blame her? The food was delicious!

Gone went the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas;

Her usually thin belly now grew past her knees!

The salads, baked salmon, and fetuccini alfredo

Gobbled down to her belly, resembling big, brown dough.

Groaning and churning, her belly seemed to resist,

but Sarah protested, "The eating will persist!"

Day became night, a boy what a sight:

A girl passed out with a giant belly looking tight.

Sarah was stuffed, there was no doubt,

Her pair of jeans were ruined, since her button popped out.

Sarah ignored her ripped clothing and massive midsection,

For she was eyeing the dessert of many confections.

Chocolate-chip cake, gallons of ice cream, and sweet apple pies,

Sarah's mouth watered, happiness filling in her eyes.

She started on the cake, so creamy and savory,

Sarah was pleased by the cake, and ate with bravery.

She inhaled the pies, and started on the ice cream.

Sarah had so many different flavors, so much it was like a dream.

An hour went by, and Sarah was out of her sad slump,

Stuffed with her home-cooked meal, and looking quite plump.

She ate so much varieties of food from the plate,

That she put on quite a ton of weight.

Her chair collapsed, clothing ripped, leaving her in the buff,

Resembling a immense Thanksgiving turkey, although soft like a puff.

Sarah burped and farted from the gas within,

The noises of the eruptions killing the din.

Sarah smiled, and rubbed her belly,

Seeing it vibrate and jiggle like jelly.

She closed her eyes, and said, feeling glad,

"This is the best Christmas I've ever had."
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