Chapter 1

With some difficulty, she reaches between her massive thighs and places the vibrating egg deep inside herself. The cord runs from there, under her heavy belly and over her thigh, to a small remote in her other hand. She then gets herself comfortable on the chair- covered with a towel and groaning under her nearly 450 pounds- and opens an IM box on her computer.

"You wanna watch me eat some pizza?" she asks, but she already knows the answer and sets up her webcam before he can even respond.

His reply is in the affirmative, and he accepts her invitation. She waves to him, hikes her shirt up to just under her breasts to show off her belly, and then pulls over the pizza to show him, along with the bottle of root beer. He asks if she's going to finish it all; she replies that she doesn't know, but she's going to eat as much as she can.

And with that, she starts in on it. His comments- "god, I wish I was there" and "your belly looks so amazing" and "I'd love to curl up with you and help you eat that whole thing"- turn her on and inspire her to eat more. Not because she's aroused by the words, as she's not into feeding, but rather because she can tell just how hard she's making him. She loves having such control.

Three slices in, she switches the toy inside her to the lowest setting. She gasps at the sensation and lets out a soft moan, biting her lip. Her hand makes slow circles across her naked belly, more an act of self-love than showing off for him, and with her other hand picks up another slice.

The next two slices go down a bit quicker, due to her arousal. It drives him crazy to see it; now she's had more than half of the pizza. "if I was there," he writes, "I'd have a meal of my own while you eat". She asks what that might be. His response is "you, of course! I'd be eating your pussy".

And with that, she's aroused enough to turn the vibe up to the second setting.

She lifts her belly up and jiggles it for him, then plops it down on her thighs- an act that sends an expected jiggling wave across her body and an unexpected jolt of pleasure between her thighs. She's panting now, quivering, with desire, urgently craving an orgasm, but she's determined to wait and see just how insane she can drive him.

Another two slices down. She's feeling it; normally six is her limit, but tonight she's craving to be filled, for her sake and for his, and she's speeding to finish off the pizza. At this point, with one slice left, she takes off her shirt, revealing her breasts, her nipples rock hard as she runs a finger across them, releasing another gasp, another moan, another electrifying jolt. She switches the toy to the highest setting, lets out a long moan, decides not to touch herself until the last slice is down, and grabs it.

It disappears rapidly, and with a triumphant belch she shows the empty tray to the camera. "I really wish you were here right now", she says, "I wish I was on top of you with your cock in me. I want to ride you so bad right now."

An invitation pops up for her to view his cam- she accepts, and the small window shows him furiously stroking himself, breathing heavily. Remembering the pleasurable sensations from before, she grabs her belly and lifts it, drops it, and repeats, closes her eyes and cleches her teeth as the ecstasy flows through her, not at orgasm yet but so damn close.

She opens her eyes, planning on typing something to him, but before she can, she sees his body start to seize up and watches him spray his seed all over his chest.

It's all on account of her, and this sends her over the edge. One final drop of her belly and she's wracked with waves of pleasure, soaking her thighs, dripping down and drenching the towel underneath her. She lets out a cry, her whole body shakes, and she collapses back into the chair, utterly spent.

"oh man... thank you so much", he says to her.

She takes a moment to catch her breath and come back down to earth before responding. "oh no," she says, "thank YOU."
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