I want you

Chapter 1 - -

Just a horny short that I wrote this morning. I did have a particular someone in mind while writing it (I always do have someone in mind when I write porn, a different person each time), but... I'm shy and think it'd be best if I don't reveal who it is.

I want you.

I want you grinding your ass up against me on the dance floor, tempo the same as the throbbing bass beat pumping throughout the room as I breath on your neck and ears and slide my hands up and down your sides.

I want you on top of me making out, laying on top of me completely so I can feel every incredible ounce of you, your hair hanging down like a curtain around our faces as our tongues dance around each other.

I want you sitting next to me at a restaurant after a big meal, letting me slide my hand into your panties, under your heavy belly, between your thick thighs, and you holding back any sound you can as I thrust my fingers into your pussy and finger you to orgasm right there in public.

I want you face down on the bed as I screw you from behind, grabbing your hair and yanking your head back or slapping your massive ass and watching your body ripple.

I want you sitting on my face, thighs engulfing me, eating cake as I eat you.

I want you on the edge of the bed sitting up, your hands on me as I slide my dick between your belly rolls.

I want to see your body moving, jiggling, every ounce; I want to see your face, twisted into a voiceless cry of sexual pleasure.

I want to hear you whimper and moan; I want to hear the bed creaking beneath us.

I want to smell you, your body, your sweat and your sex.

I want to taste you, your mouth, your pussy.

I want to feel you, every ounce, every bit, the inside, the outside.

I want you on your back wrapping your thighs around me, your hands clutching me, scratching me. I want to fuck you this way, and as you approach your peak your thighs clench around me, squeezing me, your fingernails break my skin, you shriek in purest ecstasy, your whole body shakes and shudders as everything fades away from this moment of sheer pleasure.

I want you laying next to me, curled up against me, our bodies glistening with sweat as we fall into a satisfied slumber.

I want you. You are hot enough to melt steel and burn worlds, and I want you.
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Foxglove 13 years
*fans self* woo! Sexy.
Bananaflower 13 years
Mmmm sounds good to me....