Delta delta delta

  By Dale28311

Chapter 1 - Part 1 Learning about Sorority Life

The Sorority Part 1

Susan, whose nick name as a child had been cookies and cake because she loved baked goods so much later shorted to CC which all her friends knew her as was starting her first year at UGA. CC had always wanted to be a Bulldog and join the Delta Delta Delta Sorority know as the Tri-Delts. The Tri-deltas were know as the smartest and hottest girls on campus so everybody wanted to either be one or date one. CC pledged right away first semester and was accepted past the first row of tests. She was smart enough and hot enough. A brunette at 5’5” 110lbs 33-23-34.

In the middle of the night during the second week of school, she was awakened and told to come to the Tri-delta house right away. There in the basement the pledge class of 20 of the most beautiful women on campus was to learn the “next” step towards membership. The President, Heather told the girls that hazing, which had long been a way to separate the weak out, had been outlawed in GA three years ago. Everything from this point was “voluntary.” The girls were told that to prove their worth to the sorority they had to show that they would be willing to sacrifice for their Sisters. This meant giving something very important to them to the sorority sisters for their first year.

“What is more important to you than anything” Heather said? “Why your figure of course. Again this is voluntary but it is a requirement to join. The DDD sisters would love to eat anything we want whenever we want but to keep our shapes we can’t. That is where you come in, you will move into the basement here and any time one of us feels the need to eat something naughty we will call one of you and you will eat it for us. As you can imagine you may gain a little weight but you can work it off next year. By the way there may be some teasing and taunting along the way but is all meant in good fun. We will also have monthly weigh-ins and measuring to make sure that you are all doing your part. Any word of this assignment to the outside world and you will be immediately kicked out.”

With that five of the 20 girls said “no way” and left. The rest were to show up the next evening by dinner time. CC and the other 14 showed up the next night a little scared but excited too. They were just naïve enough to have no idea what “gain a little weight” really meant. CC had bonded with two of the other girls, Sara a tall blond and Beth a short shapely red head. The three would share a room. Their “assignment” was not to start until the next day so they checked into their room to study. During this pledge time they were not allowed to leave the house except to go to class or with one of the DDD sisters.

CC asked the other two “have you ever gained any weight?” Sara quickly said “no’ but Beth said “yea once. I had a boyfriend in high school that liked his women thick and I put on a few pounds when I was with him. Most of it went to my butt, which he loved. When we broke up the butt went too!” CC said “I have never been over 112 and never thought I would be.” The next morning the pledges were given their pledge uniforms. These were very stretchy lyrca cat suits; you are to wear these at all times when you are at the house. It was now time for the weighing and measuring. CC went first: 108 33-23-34, Sara 117 (she was taller) 34-24-33, Beth 112 35-23-36 and so on with the rest of the girls. No one was over 125 and the heaviest one was 5’ 10”. Now on with your duties. The girls were led upstairs where they were each assigned a senior year sister. Each pledge was to stand next to her “feeder” as they were called.

Breakfast started and the women at the table all had very healthy breakfasts laid out in front of them. CC had been assigned to Bethany, Sara to Jessica and Beth to Heather. Heather looked at Beth and said “you know I would love to have some waffles and sausage now.” The rest of the seated women said that sounds good so the house keeper rolled out a cart with 15 huge plates of heavily buttered waffles and sausage. Heather told the pledges to sit. Have some syrup to go with those waffles, and eat up. The girls started to pick at the food, for the most part; none of them had ever seen so many calories on one plate let alone tried to eat it. Heather said “look heifers no one leaves until all of those plates are clean.” The girls ate up but it took them an hour to finish. Jessica said “now off to class piggies” and they were allowed to leave. Two more girls quit that morning.
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CaliGainingGirl 4 years
love this!!
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Off to a good start.
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This has the makings of being a truely great story. Don't blow by rushing it as so many do, or even allow it to go unfinished