The frat farm

Chapter 1

Each year at the big fraternity, you know the one with all of the rich guys and nice cars; they have a food drive. The drive has an interesting twist. The presidents of the six leading sororities are each “kidnapped” and held for ransom. Each girl holding the office knows it is coming and plans for it. The ransom is paid in non-perishable foods. For each pound the girl weighs their sorority must collect 10 pounds of food. If a woman weighs 100 lbs her “sisters” must collect 1000 lbs. There is no cheating and all collections must begin after the kidnapping occurs. The race is to free your president first.

This year the guys planned to make this the best drive ever with a little help from the unknowing women. Friday night the kidnapping begins. All six “captives” are rounded up and brought to the basement of the frat house. They are all given a special very large T-shirt to wear for weigh in. The shirts are known to weigh 1 lb. each so that amount will be subtracted from the girl’s weight. All other clothes are shed except bra and panties and the girls are ready for weigh in. One member from each sorority is allowed to observe weigh in so she will know their goal for collection.

The weigh in begins. As you can imagine sorority presidents all look the same and have the same basic build so the variances aren’t much. Heather goes first. Up on the scale, 105lbs. Now Beth 112 lbs and so it goes all six range from Heather’s 105 to Joan’s whopping 121. No “real” women in the group. All the girls make fun of Joan calling her blimp and fatty but it is taken all in good fun because she knows it is not true.

Now the guys add the new twist. This year, to start the event off right a champagne toast is brought out. All in attendance raise their glasses high for luck. The glasses given to the hostages hold the surprise. Each glass is laced with two drugs. One to relax to the point of no stress, only happiness. You know kind of like a good beer buzz. The other an appetite enhancer. The toast is made the glasses are drained, observers leave and the drive is on.

Now a few new rules. The Frat President, Steve explains that the girls must remain in the basement until they are “freed.” They are also shown a small cell type of area they are herded into that they must stay in. Under the champagne spell they except this all in good fun. Each girl has a cot, there is a central table, an entertainment center and a well stocked bar. There also is a buffet type table set up with all kinds of goodies as well as a soft serve ice cream machine. They are also told there will be no clothes except what they are wearing. The house mom will rotate fresh versions of the T-shirt daily but no regular stuff.

The stage is now set. The girls make their way over to the buffet and each fix a plate. Beth mentions that all of this excitement has made her really hungry. The other girls agree and begin a major pig-out session. After and hour our so of eating and drinking the girls all sort of pass out.

Saturday morning arrives and the girls are woken up at the crack of dawn by the frat boys. Another champagne toast is prepared and it is explained that this will be a daily ritual during their “stay.” Nobody ever said these girls were smart. In their drug-induced state of euphoria and hunger the girls hit the food bar again. Eating, talking, sleeping, playing music and TV is the agenda for the day. No real movement, no calorie burning of any kind just eating and GAINING. Yes the plan was coming together and the girls were well on their way to being fattened up like pigs for market. That was the point. The fatter the girl, the more food it would take to ransom her. All of their sisters were out trying to raise around 1000 lbs of food they had no idea that every hour the total was going up.
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