Chapter 1 - fake it til you make it

I've always been into fat people. I love the softness and the rolls. The gluttonous pleasure of eating whatever food they want in any amount. Heck, I even love watching the bigger guys at my office huff and puff when they have to take the stairs.

All the men I've dated were big, usually annoyingly insecure about their beautiful size. As for me, I've always been a skinny woman who has always weighed around 135, except for a bit of time in college when I gained the stereotypical Freshman 15. While going gaga for fatties, I keep a trim waist, perky breasts, tight butt. My body is nothing crazy, I don't have a thigh gap or anything like that but I watch what I eat and work out 4 times a week.

But I did fantasize about what it would be like to be fat myself. To be the size of those I lust after. One time, just to get an idea of what I would look like, I photoshopped my face onto the picture of a chubby friend of a friend on Instagram. Photoshopping faces for sexual fantasies, sadly, that was the most use I had gotten out of my graphic design major in years. I have to admit, I looked pretty cute as a fat girl.

Still, I was too scared to actually gain. Maybe I was being a bit hypocritical when I got mad at the big men I dated for being insecure about their weight. Society makes it rough to be fat.

I wanted to explore my fantasy of being fat in greater detail. I tried doing some roleplaying sessions in online chat but everyone I chatted with wanted to go extreme with things and make me magically become immobile or something. I wanted more realistic play so I made a fake Fantasy Feeder profile.

Alright, it's wrong to catfish people online, make them believe I'm somebody I'm not. Or in my case, fatfish people. But I never intended to actually meet anyone I chatted with or even give them the illusion that we would ever meet. Just harmless fun for all.

Fake fat me was my height (5'6") and age (25) and lived in my city. It is easier to keep the story straight if most of the details are true. God, that makes me sound like a sociopath. My weight was the only thing that was different, 210 pounds. Now, 210 pounds is barely chubby in a site filled with 300 and 400 pound beauties but I wanted to leave open the option to have fake fat me gain some fake weight over time.

So far, the chats have been amazing. Fake fat me lived a very similar life, only I never lost the freshman 15. Fake me kept up those habits and piled on more weight over the years. I had tried weight watchers and the like and was now embracing my size. I inserted real-life details I remembered from the fat people I dated- the difficulties in finding good-quality flattering clothing, nasty looks from people when you dare to eat in public, the mixed feelings about stretch marks. I think I'm a pretty plausible pseudo plus-size person.

I had lots of fun chatting with strangers about my jelly belly and my flabby thighs. Chatting about much I love giving in to my overpowering sweet tooth. I've found a safe way to live out my fantasies.

But then that all changed once I got a message from a very cute big guy named Nate.
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James Marlow 9 years
Absolutely loved this story, I had issues with deception at first due to it bringing up a few painful memories but all in all amazing.
Jazzman 9 years
Awesome. And xomplete! Complete is such a rare treat!
Built4com4t 9 years
great story, well written