Feeder flyer miles continued

Chapter 1

Trinity's days had lost all sense of adventure it had been two weeks since she had seen Mike and she was determined to stick to a routine schedule. Trinity’s theory was that if she allowed her mind to wander then she would go back to feeling sorry for herself, so instead she over packed her schedules. Trinity days usually started with long hours at work, and then ended with long workouts at the gym. So by the time she got home she was too tired to think about anything especially Mike and Feeder For Higher.

After an exceptionally long day at work Trinity found herself too tired to go to the Gym, which left her at home alone with her thoughts. She often found herself reminiscing about what it felt like to be in Mike’s arms again. This often would lead to unanswered questions like "Did he ever have feelings for me?" How could I allow myself to fall in love so quickly ? How could I allow someone to have this much control over me?" Trinity felt like a fool in love, honestly she thought to herself was she ever in love, or was she just in lust over the attention she was getting from her adorable fat boy. She'd been denying this side herself for so long that of course the first fat boy she came across she;d fall head of heels for like some idiotic silly school girl. Then what usually happens is all the unanswered questions become overwhelming leaving Trinity with a sore heart. Not only that but the bills were really starting to pile up, she was on her third overdue notice for her student loans. Her only hope was "Feeder for Higher" and that laid in the hands of the man who broke her heart. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea to skip the gym after all, because now Trinity was on the verge of breaking into tears, and she was all alone with no one there to comfort her.

All a sudden Trinity’s breakdown was gratefully interrupted by her doorbell.“ Who could that possible be? She asked herself as she went to go open the door.

Trinity slowly opened the door her heart released joyous energy throughout her entire body, which helped her really managed a smile. There standing in the doorway was a tall pale face vixen with dark hair and devious eyes.

“ You look like you can use a stiff drink!”

"Dalila… what are doing here?" Trinty protested.

"Now is that anyway to speak to your big sister? You don’t call you don’t text, and well never email me I never check it anyways." Dalia burst through the room carrying 2 boxes of pizza and a bottle of wine and tub of ice cream.

“Dalila what is all this?" Trinity asked helping Dalia with the goodies.

“ Well I have here Only the best remedies to mend a broken heart!?”

“ My heart is not broken…Trinity said clearly lying.

“ Now Trini how do ever expect to be an actress which such a sorry performance!” Dalila said as she made herself comfortable on the couch and broke out the pizza and the wine.

Dalila had a way words that was straight to the point but never mean, which always made Trinity laugh. The girls shared a unusual bond the truth was that they weren’t related by blood, only by spirit. They had met one day when Trinity was on a date with the man of her dreams. So she thought until Dalila had burst into the restaurant determined to make a scene while confronting her cheating boyfriend whom Trinity was on a date with. It wasn’t long before the cheating rat was running home with his tail between his legs leaving Trinity alone with Dalila. Trinity was expecting Dalila to lay into her for being the other woman, but instead Trinity was pleasantly surprised when Dalia instead offered to buy her a drink.

"Here kid let me buy you a drink…"

“ME! Really…?

“Yeah Why not..

“I just thought you were going to beat me up.” Trinity confessed.

"No if you really look at it you can’t be blame for him being a dog!!!"

And from that moment on they have been more than just friends Dalila being three years older took Trinity under her wing using the wisdom that three extra years gives a gal to give Trintiy all the guidance she needs.

"So are we watching Titanic or TITANIC?" Dalila suggested by clearly demanding.

"Looks like we are watching Titanic." Trinity gave in as she grabbed her first slice of pizza.

If you ever want to see fatties devour food get a group of women in a room togather with a common goal to not count calories.It doesn't happen often with none Fat fetish women, but when it does it is a beautiful sight. Usually they start off shy, only grabbing one slice of pizza. Once done with that delicious slice the women wait around to see who will be the fattest fattie which is the first gal to go for seconds. Once the fattest fattie loses the will power to resist the decadent temptations, she will then lead the way for all the other women to go in for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths. Eating and devouring all the caloric treats until the everyone is sporting the adorable chubby food baby.

Then the stuffed beautiful females begin to talk about how they regret eating so much, how they should really get to the gym, or go on a diet, and exspecially how fat there getting. All this routine just to bring attention to their rounded plump figures. Trinity and Dalila were so close there was no need for this drawn out routine, it wasn't long before Trinity and Dalila were supporting the oh so fashionable bloated budddah belly.
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Fatowl 3 years
Great Story!! Wonderful to see a women in control of her feelings and situation. Nice to see her stay thin too!! Please continue the story with another feeder adventure!! Maybe a girl?
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Very sweet!
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mhmm... that was very much perfect for my tastes hehe really geniusly written and with lots of sexy competitions ^^ oh i love that kind of sexy play testing comparing and teasing ^^
Fries88 12 years
I'm trying to build suspense lol !!!
Shammyboy 12 years
Man, you just aren't going to let Trinity gain that weight. Still, lovely story.