Feeder flyer miles

Chapter 1

ALRight Push It! ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIIIIVE HUH SIXXXX!!! OH MY GOSH... Trinity exhasperated

What is it you can do more than six? A tall thin pale face beauty said confused at why her friend had a glazed look on her face. She looks around only to see the problem. A short tubby man had just walked in to the gym. His workout shorts clung to his ass, as if any sudden movement would cause them to rip.He had a round under belly that his shirt could not cover and his belly quaked with every step he took.

"Boy does he look out place" the pale beauty said rolling her eyes. "Are you going to be ok Trinity?"

I dont know Dalila. Trinity said sitting up from the tricep curl casually closing her legs tight.

He is not getting on the tredmill. Oh look at that he is...

Oh GOD!!! Trinity wispher as she watch the tubby man make his way to the tredmill with all the toned beefy guys.

As the tredmill speed up so did Trinity's heartrate. She could not control herself as she watched his fat jiggle all around his body, and as he started breathing hard and harder so did she. WE got to go...

"What not again Trinity really? Dalia said clearly annoyed

"I can't help it ok?"

"Do we have to go now or may I please finish my workout?" Dalia pleaded

Just as Dalia finished her sentence Trinity took peek over at the fat tubby man who was drenched in sweat after only 3 mins of what called running, he decides to lift up his shirt and wipe his for head. Under his shirt he revealed a large fat gut the softest that Trinity had ever seen exspecially at the gym. His fat just spilled over his workout shorts, making Triniy near helpless.

Well, if you want we can stay. Trintiy gets up ready to switch and let Dalia have a turn on the machine. "but just to let you know that seat is drenched in all my lady juices"

"You BIotch" Dalia said with a forced smile on her face.

Come on I'll by you a smoothie. Trinity said as she ackwardly walked out trying to not to draw attention to how unspeakable turned on she was.

WEll, hell thats the least you can do. Trinty Gripped

The two Girls decided to grab there things and make their way to the smoothie bar.

You know Trinity I love you. You're like my little sister, but I will never understand how that could be sexy. Dalia said pointing thetubby man who was now lying on his back on the floor, exhausted from his 5 min work out.

I don't know there is something just deliously sinful about a guy that size. Don't judge me ok? I don't get your chains and whips and you'll never understand my love of fat guys. Trinity sipped her smoothie, trying to evert her eyes from her tubby man.

True I guess, but you know what I really dont get though?


YOu freak out if you gain a pound and might I mention that you had an eating disorder in highschool. Dalia questioned so confused by her besties fetish.

"I don't know okay I can't explain but you saw first hand what a guy like that does to me."

Okay look at that over there? What do you think? Dalia points to three guys exiting the basketball courts. These guys and no shirts on and it was easy to tell they were ripped.


Come on Any Thunder Down Under? Dalia joked

Of course I mean my Vagina not stupid she just knows what she likes. Look I've got to go I have an early flight.

Man, I so jelous of you always travling. Where to tomorrow?

Alaska.. and don't be I'm just a flight attendant.

So you still fly free. Id kill for that.

Yeah whatever Ill call you next time Im free

Yeah maybe we can actually make it through entire workout session

BYE!!! Trinity said as she walked out the door.

When Trinity arrived home she was sad to find another overdue student loan billwaiting in her mail box

"40,000 dollars for a degree in theatre and I'm a flight attendant GREAT JOB TRINI you can't ellude these guys forever" Trinity thought to herself, but she had no idea where she was going to get the money to pay for her exspensive education. The stress was causing her heart to race and making her head ache.

"I need to eat" she said to herself as she raced into the kitchen droping her things on the floor no time to put them away she needed food now.

As she opened the fridge you could see nothing but healthy food not a sweet treat in sight, but that still doesn't mean she couldn't stuff herself. she began to snack on the first thing she could find. Hummas, Pretzals, sliced bellpepper, tomatoes,cucumbers,grilled chicken lettuce,apple slices, pears,cheese, crackers and to top it all off a box cookie dough icecream. She kept a box in the far back of the freezer for emergencies like this. Trinity just kept eating her stress away snack after snack her belly bloated bigger and bigger.At the end of the meal she was in Heaven, her belly was tight and full. She quickly grabbed the box of ice cream and made her way to her computer, rubbing her belly now way too bloated to stay hidden from undernieth her shirt. Trinity found herself once again on her guilty pleasure website Fantasy Feeder. Off and On she found herself encouranging guys into gaining some wieght, but her real fantasy was to be a feeder.the thought of Physically fattening the guy herself, was a dream come true. Sadly,every time she would come close to living out her fantasy something always gets in the way, usually money. After today's inncident at the gym, Trinity realized if she was ever going to lead a normal life she needed to find herself a piggy to fatten. If she could just find a way to pleasure herself using her fetish more often, she wouldn't have to randomly vacate buildings everytime an overwieght man appeared.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
You write so well. A sexy and sadly romantic tale of fattening.
FrecherTyp 12 years
such a cute and sexy story and somehow sad but really well weritten reminds me somhow of a friend i know ;-) she is a beautiful flight attendant , too .\r\nReally some weird parallels in this story ;-)