Freshman 15

Chapter 1

When I decided to go back to school I decided I wanted to have some fun so I applied for the dorms. Being 33 I was out of touch with the younger people and I figured this would give me a chance to meet some people. I had made quite a bit with a little Internet site when I sold it to google so I didn’t need to stay in the dorm for savings I just wanted to meet people.

I got myself situated in my dorm and in walked Brian. Now Brian was a nice guy but so naive. He had those stars in his eyes. Thinking he was going to change the world. Brian was probably big man on campus when he was in High School he was even recruited by the college but was Red Shirted so he was free to enjoy his Freshman year.

We talked got to know each other a bit and headed out to get registered.

I lost track of Brian for most of the rest of the day but when I got done with dinner at the dorm I headed back up to my room to check out my schedule and get myself organized. I had stopped off and picked up some entertainment and about 9 Brian got back to the room.

Say you want to order a pizza?

Sorry can’t afford it. Brian said. But you go ahead.

Don’t worry about it I am pretty flush. What do you want.

No it’s ok.

I can’t eat a whole pizza it will just go to waist you might as well join me. We are going to be roommates for the year.

No. Brian looked back toward his desk and started situating things. I don’t think he was very organized because he seemed to just pile everything and stuff things in his drawers as I called in the order. When the delivery guy got there I met him down at the front and paid him. I opened up the two pizzas and sprinkled some powder on the pizzas making sure I left half of the pizza unsprinkled.

I got up to the room and the smell got Brian’s attention. But he tried hard not to pay attention.

As go ahead I got two of them.

Brian pretended not to hear. Damn he was stuborn.

I ate my half and then dropped the other half on Brian’s desk here. It’s ok just enjoy.

He dug in quickly. What’s this taste? I have never had a pizza that tasted like this.

Not sure but I found the shop while I was roaming today and thought it would be good for a snack tonight. Do you like it?


Want some more?

I shouldn’t.

It’s ok. I am fine. I got another one thought maybe I would have some for breakfast but think I have had enough for awhile. You go ahead and eat it.

It didn’t take as much prodding to get him to take the other pizza and soon it was gone.

Damn I am so stuffed. Brian said. He was trying to hide the wet spot starting to poke through his pants.

Look guy if you got a boner go ahead and take care of it. We are both men aren’t we.

Brian turned bright red.

You can see that?

Yea don’t worry if you want I will turn around or leave the room.

Would you please.

I stood outside the door while Brian relieved himself. When I heard a moan I opened the door and said you good?


Brian was laying on his back a spurt on his bloated belly. I got a hot towel and tossed it to him landing on his still rigid cock. He cleaned up and made a barely audible wish that he had some more pizza.


I didn’t mean you should get me more pizza.

I know you look like you enjoyed it and like I said I am flush. I picked up the phone and ordered
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Nathel112 11 years
Could u make more it was amazing
Feedfig 12 years
It was, I will say, somewhat rushed. In the end though the point of these stories for most is probably j/o material or wishful thinking and it managed these two things well. You could have gone into more detail and lengthened the story, but I don't know that it really even needed it. I thoroughly enjoyed and wish that I had been as lucky as Brian when I started college. Great story, definitely write more! smiley