Gilded cage

Chapter 1

When I was 18 and finally got out of school I had no prospects. No job. No plans for my future. My grades weren’t good enough to get into college not that I wanted to add more school after high school but that seems to be what all my classmates were doing. My parents having dealt with me almost constantly in trouble set me loose as soon as they were able. Living on the street was not a good thing for anyone but this was my life. I did what I needed to survive. I begged at the street corners. I ate at the soup kitchens. I slept on the ground except when I was able to find a trick that would bring me to a hotel room for the night. So my life was pretty bleak and not getting any better. My parents wouldn’t talk to me and the jobs I was able to do had people that didn’t smell and had clean clothes. I was a mess.

One cold evening while sitting on the side of the road alone an hungry a nice black sedan pulled up. The windows were tinted to such a point that I wasn’t able to see in the passenger window. The window rolled down and a deep voice said get in. Not wanting to be left on the side of the road this evening I stood up and grabbed for the handle. Once in the car I still had very little idea of what the man looked like. He had long curly hair obscuring most of the side of his face. A well manicured full beard and a black suit and tie.

Here the voice said handing me a can of soda. I wasn’t picky when something to eat or drink was offered and I chugged it down.

When I woke in a big king sized bed I was completely naked. It didn’t feel like I had entertained last night but as groggy as I was I was barely able to get up. Having accomplished this minor task my first order of business was to find my clothes. They were no where to be found so I took the flat sheet off the bed and wrapped it around myself like a makeshift toga.

Hello! Is anyone there? I walked around this house getting my barrings noticing the the sparse decorations. There were big screen tvs in every room with chubby gay videos on continuous loops. I found the remotes but the power button was disabled. All I could do was change channel but that didn’t do much good. It was the same thing on all channels. Different videos but the same subject. And rather than the sound that you would expect from a poorly made gay porn there was a tone.

Finally making it to the kitchen I found it fully stocked and damn was I hungry. I decided that it was ok to help myself. Having eaten my fill I continued on my exploration. Trying the door in the kitchen I found that it was locked and damn it didn’t even budge. Not like those hollow core doors that are on most houses.

My tour didn’t take much longer there was what I would have guessed was a bedroom with no furniture at all in it but a platform in the center. I say platform but it wasn’t more than a few inches off the floor. There were two foot prints on the center that I stepped on leaving my toga on the
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