Chapter 1 - 1

It would only have been a few years ago where she was going out clubbing with her friends, leading a healthy, fun active life. A good job, plenty of money and a nice house. She was very attractive and took care of her herself and her home; a smart, organised, sociable women.
That was the past. Now she is confined. What started off as a small indulgence turned into a lifelong obsession. No friends, a filthy house. Running low on money and only 1 dress left that fit. Moaning in glorious pain and pleasure one night, she reflected on how it had come to this.
It started with the occasional take away here and there. A nice box of chocolates every now and again. Then sacking off the gym to relax at home. She became chubby. No matter, she still looked fantastic and plenty of make-up and a tan can fix that. A few months down the line and friends started to leave her behind, she refused to go partying most of the time, being too tired and all. She became isolated. It drove her to food even more, it was her friend. She could always rely on a nice big pizza to up her spirits. Her clothes became tighter. Her belly pushed its way outward and downwards. It took more to become full.
She would worry and get that sudden sense of shock every time she couldn't quite pull on a pair of her favourite jeans or get her top over the bottom of her navel. She would plan out in her head how she would lose it and go right back to her trim toned body. This didn't last long and soon her stomach would yearn for more. Cheeky seconds at tea. A nice full English breakfast. A chocolate bar, or two. It all tasted so good, she wondered why she was always such a health freak.
Stretch marks. Saggy breasts. Rubbing thighs. These things were all so new to her, they made her panic, and... turned her on. She was shocked, scared, petrified. The fatty goodness led to her becoming an out of shape slob and... she liked it. No she thought, no. Back to the healthy eating! She had to lose it and get her mind out of the gutter. One week later she found herself back on the couch rubbing her fuller belly feeling the wetness it gave her. She began to accept it and slowly, it became her.
Buffet. Once a week, it was a beautiful treat. So much food, no effort of cooking, all she could eat. Sweat suits, stretch tops, leggings. Anything that fit her. She used to spend hours out shopping for the latest fashions and all the hottest clothes. She was a bombshell to all the boys on a Friday night. She now settled into anything could contain her. Greasy hair and smelly pits. She rarely showered' partly due to being pre-occupied with eating and partly because she could barely fit into it.
Her house was a mess, wrappers and dirty plates everywhere. Old clothes scattered in her room and crumbs and sauce all over the worktops. She preferred being naked at home, setting everything free to rest lazily. Waddling, it fascinated her as much as she was frightened by it. Getting from A to B was no longer so direct. A series of shuffling side to side trying to accommodate her ever huge belly. It got her off whilst she walked. Her belly now hung over her knees, covering her thighs. It felt beautiful brushing over her immense cellulite covered thighs as she waddled.
The bigger she got, the harder it was for her to fit her chubby little fingers into her pussy to masturbate. This, she loved. So much was distant from her now. Once perky breast are now full sacks of flab hanging down on her protruding belly. Arms now separated by rolls at her wrists and elbows. Legs only half visible, bursting and red. Plump feet, partly covered by ankle fat, sore from carrying her immense frame. It turned her on so much just to waddle up to the mirror and observe all of the fat that hung from her.
Unemployed. The buffet was a daily occurrence now. She wore the same dress 3 days in a row, it was the only thing that would fit and she had no energy to change either. Before going she would touch up her make-up, her last attempt at re-assuring her rational side that she was still a good looking women. Every day she would fill herself to the limit knowing that there will be more of her tomorrow when she woke up. Her stomach controlled her. It forced her to get out of bed in the middle of the night and waddle up to the fridge for a snack. It forced her to order a pizza or two, only hours after coming back from the buffet. Her mind was being ***ed by it. She was addicted to food. She loved the feeling of it pushing down her throat and spreading her out. She loved losing her fitness and getting out of breath from standing up. She loved the feeling of all of her flesh jiggling, wobbling, rubbing together when she walked. She couldn't help it, it was perfect.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
This is really good!
Twigzybird 8 years
Love it.

Absolutely love it
Nok 11 years
brilliant. disgusting. Scary. It gives pause. So mortal.
Holly-Marie 11 years
great story - I love how she loose conrol and enjoys that