Laura's dirty secret

  By Bloatedbellygirl65

Chapter 1

Laura had a dirty secret, she had always wanted to watch Sarah gain weight. The tiny girl in front of her would pretend to eat very little, but Laura knew that Sarah was meant to be a heavier weight. She’d been watching Sarah since school began three months ago, the girl had grown. Her tummy had softened and rolls had begun to form, it was the normal Freshman 15. It made Laura wet every morning when she watched Sarah undress and the other girl had a roll of fat slightly oozing over the waistband of her panties. She’d admit that she’d masturbated many times to the mental image of Sarah chubbing up.

She also desired to touch Sarah down in her private region. It was no secret that Sarah Jones was easily aroused, in fact if one looked closely enough during lunch or class they could see Sarah’s best friend, Lindsey working her into an orgasm. Not to mention the constant smell of arousal in their dorm room. Laura knew that Sarah had to masturbate in the morning before class. She’d seen it. So she’d started flirting with Sarah, she didn’t want a relationship, no she wanted a sex friend.

A chubby sex friend.

She sighed watching Sarah pinch the tiny rolls of fat at her side, “I don’t see what you are so worried about, everyone goes through it.”

“Yes, but really Laura, I’ve gained more than 15.”

Laura’s ears perked up and she sat up straight in her chair, “Really?”

Sarah sighed jiggling her tummy. “Yes, like 25 pounds.”

“So why do you care? I thought you didn’t want to follow the band wagon.”

“I don’t, I’m quite happy not being a cheerleader or a prep, I just – well my mother wants me to stay this size…”

“Fuck your mom, Sarah. She’s not here. Man, I know girls who can’t wait to leave to go to college just so they can finally eat when and what they want.” Laura argued. “Like Kacy for instance, hasn’t she gained some weight?”

“Yes, quite a lot.”

“But she’s happy isn’t she?”

“Very..” Sarah commented rubbing circles into her soft stomach.

“I think you should screw what your family wants and while you are here alone, please yourself. I’ve seen you stare at the candy machine and the sodas in the coffee shop, wishing you could eat one.” Laura whispered leaning forward and kissing Sarah’s neck. “I always associate eating with sexual pleasure.”

Sarah gasped in pleasure but pulled away blushing bright red. “You know what? I think you are right.”

Laura leaned back in her chair trying not to be perturbed that Sarah had just shaken her off. After all the girl had agreed to technically stuff herself silly. “So here is what I propose you do.” Sarah leaned forward nodding. “First, eat candy whenever you want. Like right now, you want a milkyway? Go get one from the machine downstairs. Second, snack a lot. You are going to find that you are going to love feeling full and bloated. Third, eat a lot before bed. It’s very satisfying and will make you sleepy. Fourth, For regular meals just double the portions, if you want seconds go up and grab it. I always have at least two bowls of ice cream for dessert.” Laura said leaning back and rubbing her own growing gut. “Just never leave the table hungry. No one is here telling you to cut back or to eat healthily, I’d even knock out the salads, fruits, and veggies for a bit. Just to enjoy the full freedom. If you don’t like the weight you gain, you can always work it off.”

Sarah nodded silently before standing. “I’m going to go to Lindsey’s apartment, I’ll be back by tonight.”

“And what are you going to do there?”

“Snack a little if I get hungry.” Sarah replied pulling on her jeans.

Laura stood up and stopped Sarah’s hand. She reached down and unbuttoned Sarah’s jeans then knelt down and lifted the slightly pooching stomach and then buttoned the jeans underneath so that Sarah’s beginner belly was sitting on the waist band. A roll of fat oozed over the waist band on either side but Sarah’s front squished together but swelled larger with each breath she took. “That’s a good girl. Why not snack on the way there?”

Sarah stared at her for a second and Laura hoped she hadn’t gone too far. After all she wasn’t trying to let Sarah know she was trying to make her gain weight. The Auburn haired girl finally let out a smile and nodded, “Yes, I guess I should. I’m just not used to eating at this time of night.”

“Ah, but just imagine how happier your tummy and you will be if you stay full?” Laura asked stroking the soft flesh that sat on the edge of Sarah’s jeans. Sarah let out a contented noise before grabbing a soda from the fridge and a candy bar from Laura’s stash.

Laura waved her on and smiled, proud of her work. Sarah Jones was going to become a pot bellied pig in no time.


Laura woke up when the door to their dorm room opened. She sat up groggily and watched as Sarah tried to sneak in. “Sorry,” she heard Sarah whisper.

“C’mere you’ve got to be freezing.” Laura exclaimed sleepily. “We’ll share a bed tonight.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Just drop your pants off and come snuggle in, don’t worry about pajamas.” Laura waited for Sarah protest but all she got was a soft hiccup and a moan.

Sarah lifted herself up onto the bed and curled with her back to Laura’s front. Laura wrapped her arms around Sarah happily finding that the other girl’s belly was taut and tight. “My goodness, did we pig out tonight?”

Sarah nodded yawning, she purred slightly when Laura’s hand rubbed circles into her bloated tummy. “It felt so good too!”

“I’m glad.” Laura replied pulling Sarah closer and letting her hands roam freely. One stopped right at her crotch and lay there just inches above her pubic area, it sat on the edge of Sarah’s panties.


It hadn’t taken long for Sarah to take Laura’s words to heart. In fact in less than a month her eating habits had taken a plunge into the unhealthy sea. More than once had Laura watched Sarah eat her way through an entire box of debby cakes in one night. It was an arousing experience watching Sarah’s tummy grow with each bite taken.

Speaking of the tummy, Laura licked her lips and felt her mound moisten; Sarah had gained a lot of weight, very quickly. So quickly that one her jeans weren’t fitting very well, two her shirts rode up all the time exposing the growing stomach and three stretch marks were clearly visible on the rolls of fat as they grew.

“Oh, it does feel so good eating like this, I love feeling full.” Sarah sighed contently leaning back into her pillows. She had a box of Chinese take out in her lap, rice had accumulated on her breasts and the top roll of her belly.
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