Sarah and lindsey drabbles

Chapter 1 - Christmas Gain V.01

Sarah sighed laying her head on Lindsey’s shoulder. Her stomach rounded from all of the holiday eating peeped out of her tight t-shirt, bloated from dinner an hour earlier. “I swear, I eat too much every year!”

Lindsey just laughed and kissed Sarah’s head then whispered, “But you know you like it.” In her ear. Sarah shivered and blushed as one of Lindsey’s well manicured hands reached over and ran up and down the taut stomach. “You’ve grown nicely, darling. I think this year you should keep the added weight. You’re always so adorable chubby.”

“Mer, you know why I can’t.’ Sarah exclaimed pulling away and putting on a full pout. “I’m in dance and all that.”

“So quit dance. You are a hobbit anyway.”

“What does being a hobbit have to do with me?”

Lindsey looked up from reading her magazine and leaned forward, she picked a truffle from the bowl on the table then sat back up in her original position and pushed it into Sarah’s mouth. Even as full as Sarah’s belly was it gurgled happily as Sarah took in the sweet. “Hobbits like to eat, therefore they are chubby if not fat. You are a hobbit. Gaining weight shouldn’t be an issue in your life.” Lindsey grinned evily and picked up the bowl of truffled setting them in Sarah’s lap. “Eat, darling, you know you want to, let it go this Christmas.”

Sarah looked down contemplating what to do. Her stomach growled slightly and she blushed again, was it telling her to eat again or telling her it was full? From her top view all she saw was a good two inch roll of flab sitting on the waist band of her jeans, she could feel her button straining to hold it in. Her poor shirt had given up after her third helping at dinner.

The truffles sure did look good, they were making her mouth water. Giving into her gluttony she slid down, spread her legs out over the end of the couch and leaned against Lindsey’s arm, slowly stuffing her face with truffles, one by one.


Two weeks later Sarah was standing in front of the full length mirror still in her pajamas. She ignored her hard nipples to stare at the mound of flab that was unable to be covered up by her pajama pants or her t-shirt. Her belly button was barely visible as her top roll hung low too heavy to hold itself up. Her arms and face looked chubbier and her hips had grown just a bit making any pants she put on a little tight. She felt her pussy moisten as her hand ran across the soft yielding flesh, it quivered with any movement.

Around their room were empty bowls of sweets, wine glasses, beer bottles, and anything else Sarah could stuff into her mouth, “Linds, I’m getting fat.”

“And my pussy is drippin’, what is your point darling?” Lindsey’s german accented voice asked from the bed. A moan accompanied it and Sarah knew Lindsey was stroking herself.

The sunset was disappearing letting the moon light into the room, Sarah slouched slightly and still saw her fattened form in the mirror. She sighed when her belly gurgled, rumbling as if begging for more junk food. “Can I eat something first before we fuck each other silly?”

“Of course, you are a piglet after all.” A noise was heard from the twin bed and Lindsey appeared behind Sarah, panties soaked and nipples swollen hard. “Be right back.”


Down at breakfast a week later Sarah sat down at the table, Lindsey’s mother noticed Sarah’s pajama top was unable to be buttoned down all the way. Hanging out round and bare was her belly. “My we are growing nicely this year.”

Sarah blushed stuffing another pancake down.

“You get so nice and chubby over the Holidays dear, a big belly suits you.”
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Feederfan 13 years
These are well written. Please continue smiley
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updated w/ ch 3!! smiley I hope you guys like
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These are excellent!!