Long distance

Chapter 1

It all began as a summer romance. Jared was in town for a few weeks staying at his friends house on holiday. From the moment he saw Megan a party he was instantly attracted to her. She was tall and slender, about 5’7’’ and 115 pounds, she had sun-kissed skin and very long wavy light brown hair, a knock out. Megan was instantly attracted to Jared as well. After a little bit of drunken flirting it was clear that they both found each other very attractive. Following the first amazing night they spent, they were almost inseparable for the next few weeks. As Jared’s vacation came to an end and he got ready to fly back home and Megan got ready to return to school, they were both feeling heartbroken at the thought of leaving each other. They decided to start dating, despite the distance, and booked flights to get together during mid-October during fall break school. After a tearful goodbye at the airport, Megan packed up her things and returned to the University.

As she began her senior year she found the work load to be much heavier as she prepared to write her thesis. She had to abandon going to the gym and playing on the school intramural soccer league for long nights curled up at the library poring over a stack of books. She found herself attending multiple group study sessions during the week, where they would get pizzas delivered so the didn’t have to interrupt the schoolwork. In the past she was always really conscious of cooking healthy meals for herself, but with the insane work load meant that she just didn’t have the time anymore! Plus, all the takeout tasted so good.

September was creeping by so slowly, and she missed Jared so much. One evening she decided to surprise him by cooking him a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies and mailing them to him. Once she was finished baking, she munched on her tasty creations all day, when it was time to mail the package she realized she’d eaten half of the 4 dozen cookies she originally baked! “Oh well” she thought as she threw on her sweats and headed back out to the library. Since she spent so much time studying, comfort was an important thing, and sweatpants and baggy t-shirts had practically become her school uniform.

The semester continued in this manner until the first week of October. Megan was ecstatic because she only had one more week until she was reunited with Jared again. It was the weekend before her departure and she decided that she was far enough ahead in her classes that she could hang up her sweatpants for the night and join her girlfriends for a night of partying at the popular bars on campus. She picked out a sexy pair of jeans and I tight low cut button up blouse. As she struggled to pull up the tight jeans she thought to her self “That’s so funny, I never had any trouble pulling up these jeans over the summer, maybe they shrunk a little in the wash?” She decided to abandon the skin tight jeans for a pair that were a little looser. To her surprise she also had a difficult time pulling the bigger pair of jeans on! After a little bit of a struggle she shimmied the jeans over her thighs and ass, and she even had to suck in to be able to fully zip and button the jeans. As she stood in her bra and jeans starring at herself in the mirror she was blown away by what she saw. Where she once had a lean tight stomach, she now had the start of a plump little belly resting defiantly on the waistband of jeans forming a meaty roll. After a full month wearing nothing but comfy sweats, sitting in the library 24 hours a day, and pigging out on greasy fattening foods the evidence was sitting right there around her waistband staring back at her. She poked and tugged at the soft new padding of flab around her middle for a few minutes, there was nothing she could do, those were the biggest pair of jeans she owned! She had no choice but to finish getting dressed and head out for the evening. She encountered a new problem while trying to button her blouse, she found that the buttons we slightly straining and her petite roll of was still poking out under the tight shirt. She sat down at her desk to put on some make up and when she tried to sit down she felt her jeans and shirt strain and her new plump belly bulge over the top of her waistband even farther. She started to think about the last time she weighed herself, and it seemed like months ago, so she decided to get the scale out. The dial finally stopped at 139. “24 pounds! I gained 24 pounds in a month and a half! This new lifestyle is really turning me into a little piggy!” She didn’t get a lot of time to mull over her recent gain though, she realized she was late meeting up with her friends, so she grabbed her purse and headed out to the bar.

After briefly worrying about whether or not her friends would notice how chubby her belly became, her worries melted away after downing a few pints of beer. Feeling drunk and sloppy she even decided to get in a wing eating contest with her girlfriends. Needless to say her new diet prepared her for this type of stuffing, and she won after polishing off her 37th wing and celebrating her victory with another pint of beer. After the cab dropped her off, she ended up just passing out in her clothes in front of the television. Her stomach, full of beer and wings, was stuffed to the breaking point in an impressive bulge sandwiched between her jeans and her very tight button-up blouse.

more to come...
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Ssaylleb 12 years
i'm enjoying, more please smiley
TheOwl 12 years
Nice start to this story, hope you continue.
Jazzman 12 years
I dated a woman who had gone from 5'3" 110 to 160 by April of Senior Year. The pressure and worry over getting a job lead to meatball subs and pizza at all hours. So sometimes it actually happens to Srs instead of Freshmen.