The med student

Chapter 1

It was September and Megan was just starting her first semester at one of the top medical schools in the country. She was a smart girl, but she never got anything handed to her like the impossibly blonde and statuesque trust fund kids that seemed to populate the student body. That isn’t to say that she wasn’t attractive, she had shiny long brown hair and green eyes that sparkled like gemstones, and at 5’8’’ and 125 pounds she had a great body as well. But she always had to work for it, she was a cross country runner all throughout high school and pre-med, so that kept her body in top physical condition. But she knew she wouldn’t have much time for any extracurriculars now that the rigorous semester was starting.

The semester started with a bang and by the end of the week, she was already spending hours in class and in the library every day. By the end of her second week her time was split in three ways, time spent in class, time spent in the library, and time spent studying at home. If she was lucky, maybe she could squeeze in a few hours of sleep. At least the medical scrubs she was required to wear were comfortable, which meant she could pass out on the library couches between class. Her diet was another story, she may be enrolled at one of the top med schools in the country, but that didn’t mean the closest restaurants to her school were healthy. The dining hall was in the opposite direction from her apartment, but she DID pass a burger place, a fried chicken place, a Chinese place, and a pizzeria on the walk home from the library. Best of all, she got her meal quickly, so she would end up picking up chinese for lunch on the way to school and a pizza on the way home, and eat while studying. She always meant to save some for her next meal, but would always lose herself in the complicated textbooks, and before she knew it she had eaten the whole thing, plus the stress wasn’t helping either.

But, like it or not, this was her routine and she was starting to get used to it. She was starting to form friendships with her class mates, and their weekly study groups were really helping. She even started crushing on one of the guys, his name was Evan, and he looked like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, so there was no hope in her mind that he felt the same way about her.

Before she knew it it was late October, and her mid-terms had just finished, which meant she could actually sleep in and have a day to herself for the first time the entire semester. She finally rolled out of bed at 1 pm and sauntered into her kitchen to get some coffee, before she could even sit at her kitchen table she had to toss a mountain of pizza boxes and a garbage bag full of Chinese take-out boxes. “Oh my god, I have been eating like such a slob lately” she thought to herself as she opened her laptop at the table and started checking emails. After looking outside and seeing what a nice day it was she decided she would rather actually spend the day outside than cooped up in her messy apartment.
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Curvelover13 1 year
Very cute story... hopefully you can add to it sometime.
Kamina 11 years
I look foreward to part 2 and all it can become....
TheOwl 12 years
Good to see a new part of this story.
Juicy 12 years
Yes, please continue. I would love the dominance to stay at a controlled level--I love it just like this. Thanks!
Layla 12 years
mmmm love the caliper part ! write more and make her hugeee hehe
TheOwl 12 years
Looking forward to seeing the results of Evan special diet.