Lose alot, gain alot.

Chapter 1

Just a second, I need a few more reps on these benches and then I’ll be done for the day. Man, that was some intense work out! Hi my name is Lisa, I’m a natural blond and I've comitted myself to going to the gym and workout till I reach my goal body. Right now I’m 163lb, yeah I know I’m still horribly fat and ugly, but I’m working on it.

I use to be 340lb, I was all flabby and fat and ate nothing but junk food, but that wasn’t until the man of my dream, John, became my boyfriend. He’s super wonderful and very rich since he works at one of those pharmaceutical lab that creates all sorts of new drugs. I figure he saw potential in me that I can be really sexy if I was slim. He’s been so supportive of me for all these months, he even made me this energy drinks that I was able to loose the pounds so fast. Not only that, the drink never seem to make me gain a pound when ever I eat a lot. My handsome Johnny is so amazing!

And that’s why I’m giving him a very nice surprise for John when he comes home from work today. I finally got my package from Victoria Secret that I ordered online, a very silky blue matching bra and pantie. It was slightly tight on me since I still need to take care a few more pudgy spots. But I’m sure John will go head over heel when he comes home and see me.

Later that evening, I got the whole upstair bedroom set up for John arrival with candles and everything. I even pulled out these pair of fuzzy handcuff that John gave me, I thought it was weird when he first gave me these things. But now, why the hell not, Right? Might as well go all freaky naughty on him.

Finally I saw John’s car pulling up into the drive way from the window. The anticipation was sending chills through my back as I can’t wait to show him my new slim body. John got out of the driver side door and went back to the trunk to open it. He pulled out a huge red cooler container from inside, I wasn’t sure what it was but I’m guessing he brought some of his stuff from work back home again.

Ducking away from the window, I waited for John to come inside from the front door. “Lisa I’m home.” John called out. I thought it would be fun to make it quiet for a second to raise the anticipation. “Hey Lisa where are you?”

“Sorry John I’m in the bedroom, I got something to show you.”

Hearing John’s footsteps coming up the stairs, “ Well I got very big surprise for you as well sweetheart.”

A surprise? This could turn out to be interesting, “But I really want to show you something first. Can I please?” John was right behind the other side of the door when he made a large thud sound. Did he brought that cooler all the way upstairs? “Alright Lisa, can I come in to see it?”
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