Fantasy island

Chapter 1

Out in the vast blue ocean, a twin propelled air to water plane was closing in on their destinations. The speakers inside the cabin sparked to life, “This is your captain speaking, in a few moment we will be landing soon. Just to remind any passengers to make sure to take all of your belonging when you leave the plane. Once again thank you so much and enjoy your stay on Gorda Island.”

Jen was still surprise to find herself to be the only real passenger on the plane. Except for the flight attendance who were very nice to her as they constantly offered her a huge selection of meals for her to eat. And Jen couldn’t just say no to a free meal as she ate. Jen was a big girl but hardly big enough that she wanted to be in her dreams, weighing at only a mere 186lb with sort black hair. She would always stuff herself so much that she would need to unbutton her pants in order to ease the restraint of her bulging belly in hopes to gain a few pounds.

But with her hectic lifestyle job Jen would always keep on burning calories faster than she would taking it in. It wasn’t until her last big project that Jen was given a huge paycheck that would made her live on her own for the rest of her life, shortly after when she heard about this dream resort on Gorda Island she decide to quite her job and catch the earliest flight.

Jen looked outside her window and saw the plane was making its landing decent on the water. With a few crashing thuds the plane slowly approached to a sun bleached wooden dock. It was good thing that Jen was wearing her sunglasses as she stepped out of the plane. The brightness of the white sand would have completely blinded her.

At the end of the dock Jen notice a man in a loose white shirt, white pants, and hat. The only noticeable facial features on him was his dark sideburn, “Ms Jennifer welcome to my island, my name is Alexander and I hope your time here will be very enjoyable for you.”

Jen was beginning to blush as to how charmingly attractive her host was, “Please just call me Jen.”

“Very well then, you may also call me Alex. If you don’t want to wait any longer, let me take you to my resort so you may begin.” Jen’s heart was pumping with joy as she walked with him to his vehicle.

It was a short ride through the jungle which Jen found the foliage to be very beautiful when finally they’ve reached to the resort. It was a lot bigger than Jen had imagine, there was a forty story tall building in the middle and there were dozens of small houses branching off from the main building.

“Here on Gorda Island we want you to be big and happy as possible during your stay, we have the best chefs from all over the world to satisfy your need. Plus a 24 hour service and a shuttle bus that will take you to the local village up north of here for any of your clothing needs.”

The more Alexander talked, the better it was sounding for Jen. The vehicle drove past a pool where Jen notice a vastly huge blond hair girl coming out of the pool in a odd grey, white polka dotted bikini. But she didn’t care about the fashion as Jen watched the girl’s fat swayed from her wobbling walk as she dried herself off. Jen’s body trembled in excitement from the sight of her.

Finally at last Jen was able to check in and had her luggage be taken to her cabin. Alex settled down her bagged, “Well then Ms Jen, I had everything that you ordered is waiting inside the kitchen. For anything else, please feel free to call me or the service. But until then fair well.” Jen watched him as he walked back inside the building.

Returning back to the matter at hand. She used her card key and opened the door. The aroma of food hit her nose in an instance causing her belly to rumble in excitement.

She didn’t even feel like dragging her stuff to the bedroom as she dropped them all off in the living room. There in the kitchen, the table was laid out with all sorts of food that would put a buffet table to shame. It was everything she had asked for, from spare ribs to fried chicken, and from chinese to mexican meals it was all piping hot and ready to be eaten.
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Zombieal 15 years
Rub it in why don't you!? Lmao! I'm kidding, this story was a bit rushed so I'm going to clean it up in the futer. But thanks for your opioin.smileysmiley
Zombieal 15 years
So I've heard...but was it really important to post that three times?
Koudelka 15 years
A classic! Just the way I like it! Good job!