Lucky's buffet

chapter 1

The first time I met her was when the two of us were both but children; we were in elementary school, 5th grade. I tried not to have anything to do with her, even though girls were just starting to look like good companions. She was of the younger sort, I was of the older sort. I wasn't about to mingle with them. But even so, it was impossible to completely avoid people in your class. So I met her, and even had contact with her from time to time.

Looking back now, it's hard to believe she went from that ten-year-old kid to the current 20 year old on my living room couch. She was energetic, she was even athletic- or at least as athletic as any fifth grader. However, one incident jumped out at me then, and whether or not it could be seen as a portent of her current situation, it certainly stands as a possibility.

Lunch had just begun, and like always, the entire fifth grade hurtled out of the classroom doors like horde of angry squirrels. However, she was not among them, and neither was I. I had a broken leg from falling off the play structure while pretending to be a Lord of the Rings character. She didn't appear to have anything wrong with her, so I asked what was wrong. She replied simply "I don't feel like it today."

I shrugged, and hobbled on my way. I quickly forgot about the incident, and didn't even think of it until I met her again in the last year of high school. I went to a large high school, so it wasn't a stretch of the imagination to not have noticed her throughout the first three years. However, for me, I would have had to be blind to not have noticed her. You see, I had realized something in the course of my high school romantic career- or the lack thereof, I suppose.

I realized that while I could be very attracted to any pretty girl, like any other healthy teenage male, I had an even stronger attention to those with a little... heft to their bodies. Or more then a little, I'm not very picky. In fact, while there wasn't much chubby chaser material on campus (teenage girls being usually quite good at maintaining their figure at least through high school), I was incredibly affected by the gigantic women I could occasionally see in the local Wal-Mart, putting along on their motorized chairs while their guts hang inches from the tile.

However, I took solace in the fact that I also enjoyed skinny girls, and enjoyed whatever company I could get. It wasn't for a lack of trying that I didn't have a girlfriend the first three years of high school. But holy s***, finding out that Andrea was in my class senior year was the happiest surprise I'd had in a long time. Not that I was excited that it was Andrea, of course; I didn't really know her. The happy part was that she was the hottest girl I'd ever seen, which was true in part because she also happened to be the fattest girl in my year, which admittedly didn't say much.

She had long brown hair, which she kept tied behind her head in a simple fashion, and despite its silky smoothness, it didn't appear to be particularly well kempt. Her brown eyes were large in her rounded face, and her nose kept civilly out of notice. Her thick lips curved delicately, setting off her fleshy cheeks quite well. She didn't have a double chin yet, although the beginnings of one could be seen whenever she looked down.
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