Magic man volume 3

Chapter 1 - back to the future cept not

Magic Man is a mysterious person who has lived deceptively long for how old he looks.
He remains in his mid 20s in appearance, though he has lived much longer then 20 years (and truth be told, he is a shapeshifter, but he prefers to stay in his own familiar form. Nobody really knows how long he has been on this earth, but one things for sure. He has been on it long enough to know all the secrets nobody else seems to be able to figure out.
All the legends and myth that we have today, he knows the truth.

For this episode, we are plopped into his life back in the 90s.

At this time he is actually working at a broadcast station as a relatively popular Radio Personality.

What nobody knows... is that Magic DOES exist, until a pair of naughty twins answers his call...

You see Magic Man, being as popular as he is, has quite a few listeners to his station, which is a mid-sized local radio station. It is heard to about a 100 mile radius of the main tower, with a few offshoot towers in smaller towns close by.

One night between 9-10 PM around the time his live broadcast ends (He prefers the evening/night shift) MM send out a message.
This message wasn't broadcast for just everyone to hear, no. Only women could hear this part of the broadcast.

MM made it so that those who heard his message and who have no interest would instantly forget the "commercial" had played. As for the others, if in their heart they desired what he was selling, they need only follow the instructions in the message.

The message was as follows:
"Hey there all you pretty ladies out there! Have you ever found yourself getting tired of your workout routine, only to have others mock your progress, and poke fun of your weight and figure? It happens to oh too many women out there.
But what if you could leave all that behind? What IF you could eat all you want, be lazy like you KNOW you want to be, and not have to worry about your figure or what others thought of it? If this is you, then give me a call 555-3287, thats 555-FATR! You'll get exactly what you're looking for an more!"

As you could imagine, most women who heard this message thought it absurd, and shortly after began to hear the music from the radio again and completely forgot about the ad MM Aired.

But for two lovely ladies.. Twins no less, they heard exactly what they wanted to hear.
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