Unbelievable inexplicable magic!

Chapter 1 - is he crazy or is it just me

Kathy was never quite a small girl. In fact one could say she was quite large compared to the average girl her age.

She was only 24, blossomed about as much as she could be for her age.
She was about 150LB and quite curvy. By no means would she be considered a LARGE woman, but she was definitely above average in weight being only 5'4.

She had soft and supple skin with little to no sag on any part of her body. Her supple breasts filled her DD bra perfectly, but anymore and she my as well get a new bra. Her ass was not large by any means but is quite bubbly and has the perfect shape for its size to give any passerby the ability to see each cheek pronounced in her comfortably tight jeans. She had a bit of belly chub, but more so had kicking curves with just the perfect amount of fat on her love handles to give her that smooth hourglass shape with no lumps. Her green eyes popped in contrast to her dark brown hair and was only accented by a cute round tipped nose.

Many would say she had a perfect figure, but she often wondered how it would be to have some more robust curves.

Kathy frequented an adult video store about once every week or so on one day on the weekend. Usually the employee would be a pretty butch, supposedly bi girl. They both would exchange greetings normally, and she would be off to look at the DVD section. She never bought any, but she would always look at the covers of the ones in the section for big breasts, big ass, and occasionally the BBW section. It didn't particular get her in the mood, it was more to admire the women on the covers and see if she could imagine herself with some bigger assets, but the image often eluded her.

Today however was a bit different. As she entered the store her regular butch cashier was no longer there. In her place was a guy maybe 6' tall. He wasnt particularly skinny or overweight, not ripped but definitely fit to say the least.

"Where's Libby? Shes the weekend girl, I usually see her here on Saturdays..."

"Oh I'm sorry Libby moved back to her home town to take care of her mother for a bit. Shes going through Chemotherapy and wanted her family to help her through it. She trained me though, its a shame she had to go, but I would have done the same thing."

"Aww, that is sad, I hope her mother pulls through."

Kathy begins to walk towards the curtained off adult section to check the DVDs as usual before seeing if she could find a bullet to replace the one she killed the motor on.

"Im sorry to ask, but since I'm new I'm required to ask for ID by management If I haven't already before"

"Oh no problem I understand"
She smiled a bit as she pulled out her ID

"Good to go" he said and sent her along to the back.

Kathy couldnt help but notice him looking at her. It wasn't quite a stare, but more like he noticed her, but was trying not to make her feel uncomfortable.

This time she goes straight to the BBW section skipping the Big Tits and Big Ass section to try and speed up the process. She wasnt quite sure how it would play out with this new character.

After about 5 minutes if looking at covers with BBWs who had particularly over exaggerated curves the new guy spoke up a bit:
"Ya know, Usually you see guys go to that section... If you don't mind me asking... it takes a different kind of woman to be confident enough to walk up to that rack... Do I have permission to ask you something? Honestly... its a bit risque, but hey, I DO work at a pornshop haha"

That is a bit odd, she thought, but it couldnt hurt. A simple question never does any harm.

"Sure, whats up?"

"well, first let me ask, whats your preference? I'm just curious on that one, you look a little too feminine to be a hardcore lesbian chubby chaser"

"Well I'm straight but...--"

"I bet you like being a curvy woman yourself... Dont take that the wrong way or anything... I think you're gorgeous.. Its just not every day you see a STRAIGHT woman as curvy as yourself looking through DVDs of woman larger then yourself... IS it perhaps an image you long for yourself?"

She was a bit taken aback at how specific and dead on his statement was and could only gawk a bit and stayed silent while blushing.

"Listen... I know this sounds odd... but Libby told me about you, I've been checking IDs waiting for your name to pop up, though with the way she described you it was only reassurance..." *He looked around for a minute, tagged the "Be Back Soon" sign on the outside of the tinted door and locked it behind him.

"So is it true... Do you WANT a few more curves then the ones you already have?"

Her head was almost spinning, such a barrage of questions that he seemed to obviously know the answer to already.

"Well... maybe just a bit... Its not so much that I WANT them outright but im curious... Some girls can look good even if they get curvier and curvier.. I just always kind of wondered if I Was one of those girls"

He snickered a bit
"This is going to sound pretty ridiculous... but hear me out, are you willing to at least do that without walking out on me?"


" Libby picked me because I have a peculiar gift... I dont often share it with people... it kind of takes a particular person to even be willing to prove it... It sounds crazy but... to put it bluntly, I have the ability to make you're curiosity come true if you so desire... but again... it requires a particular, and perhaps trusting person you could say, to really put it to the test..."

"..OhhhKaaayy...?"< br>
"How can I put this... The only way I can have your question answered is trusting me enough to have sex with me"

"wwha?! Do you really think that pick up line is going to work on me just like that? Do I strike you as that kind of girl?!"

"No no no! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything about your character... How can I make it so that youd trust me enough, If you REALLY want to see how you COULD be for you to be curvey?"

A blank stare of disbelief and critical thinking washed over her face as she pondered for several minutes on how to answer.

"Look... my power only works if you are in contact with my cock, flesh to flesh. I can control my body, as well as another's. For the other, my cock needs to be inside. For me, well, its a bit different but... again, at this point its a matter of how bad you want to see yourself like the girl on THAT DVD" He points at a BBW case that has a woman that MUST be close to 300 LB with deliciously rich curves.

"If you cant answer then how bout this... my proposition...Everything in this store is recorded, but management is old fashioned, its all on VHS. If you do go through with it, and I am lying, youll walk out with the tape, and you can have me arrested for rape, You'll have videotaped evidence, and I'll even plea guilty. Ill even throw in 5 free nutshots... If that won't convince you nothing will...Im a man putting my nuts on the line here, how many guys would do that? And if you decide not, you can walk out right now and not a word will be spoken of it ever again. I'll even resign so you don't feel awkward walking into this shop again."

"woah... I mean... its just so much to process..."
A part of her wants to jump his bones just for the chance at her dream coming true, but what if this was just some sick joke? He could go back on his word after hes had my way with me and shed be totally helpless after he took advantage of her... on the other hand... he really isnt bad looking... they ARE in a sex shop alone... and Hey, free sex beats a vibrator any day if the guy is hot enough right?

"... how?.... where?"

"Theres a fitting room through this door... I know it seems wrong, but management installed hidden cameras in it too because a lot of shoplifters use the fitting room to steal shit, but if we didn't have one we'd have a lot of people pissed off at us too. In here its carpeted, and there's even a couch in case the person in there has a... partner they want an opinion from... The choice is yours, The dominoes are set, you just have to flick one of the two and the rest will fall in place"

It just seemed too good to be true, so perfectly planned...But the bottom line is, all this talk about sex is making her horny.

"Lets do it".
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Joeykent91 10 years
loved it. please write another!!
Atlas1224 11 years
That was amazing!
Booblover 11 years
Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Inexplicable was the word I was looking for! I was doing this in the dark on my laptop, so the I and the L from that distance look about the same (and the missing C was just a type i guess lol)
Fatlilboy 11 years
I think INEXPIABLE is not the word you meant. A horrible infraction is inexpiable. This is a really GOOD thing. Wrong use of the word.
Booblover 11 years
who knows... perhaps another day i shall write a sequel of the wanderings of the Magic Man...
Jktab 11 years
Spectacular says it all
Booblover 11 years
Glad so far people seem to like it :3. Its not the most solid story, but remember its magic! Magic fills all plot holes! Lol