Chapter 1 - the start

My name is Josh and I'm in my first year of university. Most of my classes are pretty lame but I have one class with a good friend of mine Mateo. I'm in decent shape, no abs or anything but I'm not fat either, just got a pretty flat stomach. Mateo on the other hand is in perfect shape! He plays soccer and works out at the gym constantly so he pretty much has the body that most guys dream of. Mateo constantly makes fun of me for not being as toned or muscular as him.

"Do you even lift bro?" he would say as he flexed, it didn't bother me enough to ever start working out but it was still annoying. Christmas break came and we didn't keep in touch too much during it besides favoriting each other's tweets and stuff like that. Break came and ended and it was time to go back to school, seeing each other after a month. Mateo came in and he was limping.

"What happened man?"

"I tore something in my leg during soccer practice, been out of it the whole month it sucks!"

"You aren't wearing a cast or anything?"

"I only needed it for like a couple weeks, I still gotta take it easy though, it sucks! I haven't been able to do anything the entire break!"

Mateo took off his jacket and I noticed his Greek God like abs had turned into a bit of a belly. Nothing major but he definitely put on a little weight.

"So um, you haven't been able to even like work out? I know how much you love doing that!"

"Yeah man, *** I miss it, the minute the doctor said I can start again I will, I've been doing nothing but sitting doing *** all but eating, I'm starting to loose my abs!"

"No, noo, you're fine! They may have faded a bit but they will be back like a week when you start again, in the mean time take it easy, enjoy it!"

"Guess you're right bro."

After class I convinced him to get a couple hot dogs for the road seeing as he has never tried the campus "street meat".

A week later I am sitting in class waiting for Mateo when I see him limping in once again but this time with a hot dog in his hand.
"*** man, these are way too good, you got me hooked!"
Mateo took off his jacket; he was wearing a pair of sweat pants and one of his tight V-necks that he used to wear all the time. It was evident that he was not joking about being hooked on the hot dogs. His belly was completely visible through his top, belly button and everything. He scarfed down the hot dog in record time before the class started.
He turned to me in the middle of class and whispered "We have to go get another one of those hot dogs after class, I'm still hungry"
"Yeah man for sure, I could go for one too"
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