The plan

Chapter 1

Vince and his two friends, Lucas and Josh were very excited to be going to college. They had tons of fun in high school but they were ready to let loose and chill in college, college food, college parties, college would be life changing, in more ways then one.

All three boys were very good looking, and all were on their high school football teams. Vince use to be slightly chubby in high school, he use to be around 30 pounds overweight but carried it very well. The summer before grade 12 Vince had vowed to loose all the weight and that he did, he went from flabby gut to tight but. He has a six pack and strong pecs and arms. He was slightly pale with brown spiked hair. Lucas was the heart throb of the group. He looked like one of those California surfers. Lucas was tanned, had blue eyes, and blond hair that should of been in to see the hair dresser a few weeks ago. He has a tight body, six pack and all. Josh was the last of the three. Josh had pale skin and light brown hair cut short. Josh's weight fluctuated a lot. He would go from flat stomach to belly to flat stomach in no time at all. Josh didn't really exorcise, he ate what he wanted and when he did more moving, like walking to class he would be thinner, but in the summer when you just lounge around his belly would start to appear.

Vince had a secret that he hadn't told his two friends yet. Vince was gay and was attracted to guys who were slightly rounder, not greatly obese, just not in shape. Vince wanted to gain the freshman 15 but he had worked so hard to get in shape. He came up with a plan that he would trick his two friends into gaining the freshman 15 instead. If he couldn't get fat then he would just watch his friends get fat instead. He didn't want to do it to be mean, just because he thought it would be a good idea. Vince would buy supplies tonight, and tomorrow he would start his plan.

Lucas and Josh were in their beds sleeping, Vince exited the dorm room and headed for his car and went to the 24 open grocery store. Once Vince arrived he looked around the store and picked out supplies. He got a ton of junk food, sugary drinks, unnecessary desserts. Vince then went to the health section. Vince knew that Lucas put muscle gain powder into his smoothies in the morning to help with protein. Vince searched the isles for something that would help fatten him up instead of giving him more muscles. Vince then found a supplement usually used for victims of anorexia. It helps slow down metabolism and helps the person keep fat on their body. Vince put it in the basket, purchased everything and headed back home. He couldn't wait for his plan to start working.
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Kingcrow93 4 years
Will we ever see a continuation of this story? It has always been one of my favorites that I would love to see how it ends.
Kitty8789 6 years
Super hot story. Wish there was more of it!
Shavip 12 years
Please continue this story! I want to know what happens when they figure out Vince has been "helping" them gain.
Shavip 12 years
This is wonderful. I really enjoyed the first 3 chapters and can't wait for #4!
Dragunzar 12 years
good story im looking foward to more
HelloGoodByeGuy 12 years
@Fatnick thank you so much for the words of encouragement, i wasnt sure if anyone would like this, being that its my first story and all. Thank you so much! smiley And don't worry theres a few more chapters to come smiley