Out of spite

Chapter 1 - 1

Victoria was always a thin girl, even after a few years of marriage, and being a stay at home wife, she managed to stay slim. She was about 5'6" 125. Even though she was slim she had some curves, her B cup breast always looked bigger than they were because of her slender figure, and people always told her she had a bubble butt. her body always tone, probably from trying to keep up with her husband Louis, who was pretty into sports. It always seemed like he wanted to stay in better shape then her. He would make her big dinners and bring her snacks whenever he could. She always got a little angry because she would take it as a challenge to burn off those calories. Then one day Victoria got mad.
"Here baby I made you your favorite.. lasagna!" Louis said as he brought her a huge plateful with a side of butter soaked garlic bread.
"Well thank you honey, I'm gonna eat every bit of it!" she said smiling, as she thought to herself, if he is gonna keep doing this he's not gonna have his fit little wife anymore.
"Wait... no arguing? usually you tell me how that is way to much food." Louis said puzzled.
"I know... don't worry I'll Just burn it off like always." What Victoria didn't know is that her husband didn't want her to burn it off, in fact he always wanted her to gain weight, so he just quietly watched as his wife ate. Victoria ate like never before, and loved every minute of it. after she finished her plate she could feel the weight of the food in her stomach.
"Could you bring me another serving honey? I don't feel like getting up."
"OK?" Her Husband was pleasantly puzzled, and went into the kitchen.
"Actually could you just bring me the rest?"
"Sure." Louis came out with the rest of the lasagne and bread, and set in front of his wife. Victoria's stomach was already full but she was determined to eat all of the food her husband made. "I can do this." she thought "I'll eat everything he can throw at me." Victoria could feel her clothes getting tight around her waist. She decided to recline her chair and unzip her pants, which relived a lot of the pressure on her expanding belly. She was barely able to swallow the last bite of food as she looked down at her normally flat stomach. She noticed that she looked like she was about 4 months pregnant, and her panties were digging into her bloated belly. She struggled to her feet "I'm kind of tired baby, I'm going to bed." She said as she walked to the bedroom, cradling her belly.
"Ok I'll clean up and come to bed later."
Victoria changed into some loose sweat pants and went to bed.
The next morning Victoria woke up to the smell of something delicious cooking. Her stomach rumbled as she got up. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that the size of her belly went down, but now it looked softer and not as toned. Her bra seemed slightly tighter as well as her panties. "We'll see how long he lets this go on for, I'm already fatter." She thought as she mad her way to the table. Her husband made a huge breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and sausages. "Oh is that all your making?" She said sarcastically as she sat down.
"Careful babe you might put on some weight." Louis said smiling at his wife.
Victoria gave her husband a look as she began stuffing her face. She nearly inhaled the eggs and bacon before moving on the the hash browns and sausages. She was feeling full already but kept chewing and forcing herself to swallow the fattening food. She had to untie the drawstring on her sweat pants as the pressure in her abdomen grew. Victoria was now on autopilot as she ate the largest portion of biscuits and gravy she had ever seen. Even after untying her waistband, her sweats were almost too tight to bear. " Ugh I need to take a nap" She said as she got up
"K I'll see you when I home from work, oh and I made sure there was plenty to eat while I'm gone..." Louis did shift work so Victoria knew that he wouldn't be home for 3 days. He gave his wife a kiss and left.
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Nerdy Girl 11 years
lol interesting but what I find really funny is the idea that a woman at 205 pounds would be quite that huge
Nok 11 years
BigPatK 11 years