The biggest loser?

Chapter 1 - the begining

Mia had always been a beautiful girl, dark hair, tan skin, and a curvy body. At 5'7 she weighed about 155. In high school she would always go up and down in weight because when she wasn't playing sports she wouldn't work out and start to get soft, but she would never get that big. Mia would usually gain a size or two, but she would just lose the weight once sports started up again anyway.
Well after high school Mia got married to Matt, and she put on a little weight but stayed at a steady 170. Some of her weight would go to her breast which were a nice C cup, some would go to her hips and butt. She wore about a size 10 but that was skin tight. Some would also go to her belly, which wasn't big, but had a little jiggle to it.
Mia didn't really like her weight and would often ask her husband to help her lose weight. " Matt please help me lose weight, you are in such good shape, I know you don't want a fat wife.
"babe I love the way you look, you don't need to lose weight." Matt would tell her.
"I don't believe you.., but fine I won't stress about it."
One day Matt and Mia where sitting down together watching TV, Mia had put it on the biggest loser.
"I could totally win that."she said
"Babe you don't weigh enough. look they all weigh like 300 pounds."
"yeah.. you're right. Maybe I'll just stuff myself till I get big enough to go on the show..."
"Yeah right, you are always asking me to help you lose weight, and now you wanna get fat."
"I could do it to win the money, plus i would lose it all anyway."
"Well that one is up to you babe. I just think you would be miserable." Mia sat there and watched thinking about what Matt had said.
That night they went to bed, and Mia thought about being on the biggest loser.
"I know i could do it, and it's for the money anyway. Tomorrow i'll talk to Matt again." .
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