Chapter 1

The day started out normal. I was getting ready for an annual saturday party that my friend kim would hold. Kim was a little bit more chubby then most girls i knew, but she wore her curves well. She was very bossy and open about her attraction to pain and giving pain. I arrived at the party and was greeted by mandy, kim's best friend. She was a tiny red headed girl.Not much weight on her, she was very skinny.I went down stairs and started to socialize.A friend names jesse was there, i hadn't seen her for awhile and didn't think much of it. She was a tall girl with big curves and held most in her hips. I noticed that there was quite a bit more food then dee usually had out. I didn't think much of it. I socialized with my friends, there was drinking but i didn't take any. i noticed mandy and jesse went missing for quite sometime. I asked kim and she said she knew nothing. I wen't up stairs to use the bathroom when i heard moaning. I opened a door and saw jesse and mandy strapped down to chairs being fed by kim. mandy's belly was preturding a lot because she was small and couldn't hold much. Jesses belly was not as big. I closed the door and went down stairs and didn't bring it up thinking maybe someone gave me a spiked drink. kim came down shortly after and ended the party, as i was leaving she asked if i could stay a bit longer to help clean up. Me and her went downstairs and i noticed all the food was gone. She said i was ready and took me up stairs. I walked into the room to see jesse and mandy tied down with bellies the size of a beach ball. She took me into the next room and told me to wait. Mandy and jesse came in with maid outfits on, bellies exposed. They asked me to sit down and get ready for the show. kim walked in, she was wearing a corset that pushed her boobs up, and made her ass look huge. i couldn't help but smile. She asked if i liked the new look, i nodded. She asked me what me deepest darkest fantasy was, i told her of my fantasy of feeding a girl till she could barely move and her belly was ready to burst.She smiled and told me she had the same fantasy and asked if i was ready to live it, i said yes. She strapped herself into a chair and asked mandy and jesse to get the cart. They roled in a cart full of all types of food, i smacked jesse on the ass and watched it jiggle as they left. She smiled at me, i asked her what she would like first. kim said she thought the donuts looked good. I grabbed a donut and fed it to her. she ate it pretty fast, and i had more ready for when she finished. I switched to the pizza next. She told me she wanted to get fat and make me happy.I fed her an entire extra large pizza when she started to show signs of growing. I fed her another pizza when she started to moan and complain. She kept asking me to stop, i couldnt help myself and kept feeding her. She warned me that she couldnt hold anymore and that she might burst soon, and i kept going. After another 5 slices her corset buttons started to pop off. i was extremely turned on, and kept going wanting to make the corset explode open, and soon her belly.i grabbed a funnel and put it in her mouth and poured a bottle of water down her throat. The corset burst open and exposed her belly. It was twice as big as the other girls and was extremely tight. I grabbed it, wanting to feel it so badly. It was as hard as a rock, i felt it for quite awhile. I made sure not to poke to hard because i was scared, and a little turned on that it might pop if i did.She moaned as i felt her body. I pulled out a measuring tape, it didn't fit. The measuring tape was about 50 inchs in length.she asked me to feed her more. I told her that her belly couldn't hold much more, she said she was sure it could. As i filled her with more water she told me that she wsihed it would all go to her ass, she always wanted an ass that got stuck in door ways. i told her i better feed her more, she giggled. i fed her another two pizzas and 4 cheesburgers. By now i could see her belly was extremely tight with strech marks all over. She was moaning and asked me for more. i poured another bottle of water down her throat when i looked at her belly and saw it start to give away. I told her we needed to call a doctor and she needed to stop eating. She said she wanted more, i refused. I called the doctor. As the ambulance was on it's way she asked if she could just have one little piece of candy, i thought it couldn't hurt. I gave her a marshmellow. She finished and her eyes widened, and she said she felt like she was going to pop. And that was all i heard, i looked to see nothing left. I remember a boom, and the doctor couldn't find any remains. Mandy and Jesse were rushed to the hostpital, and each recovered with a little weight gained. Jesse had bigger hips, mandy had a nice little belly.Her image lived on in mandy and jesse. As the days went on i moved on and always looked back on the day. I was at another party a few months later when i was approached by a skinny little girl with nice curves named samantha. She asked me what my deepest fantasy was....
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