Peter's pastries (part 3)

  By Lola

Chapter 1

They arrived back at his bakery at a quarter past eleven. Darkness had crept in like a fog, enveloping the entire town and revealing the twinkling stars scattered across the night sky overhead. It was well over a month into spring, but the warmth that came with it had abated in the absence of the sun. He had no jacket to offer Heather as he opened her car door, exposing her to the icy breeze outside of the coziness of his Tahoe, so he chose the next best thing. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his plentiful body, which always radiated heat as if it were a furnace.

“I’ll keep you warm,” he told her as they walked up to the ornate mahogany entrance of Peter’s Pastries.

She smiled and leaned into him, putting her arm around him in response. “Thank you, Peter. You feel so good.” She gave him a gentle squeeze before lowering her hand to rest on his humongous butt. She gave it a pinch.

“Hey, what was that for?” he exclaimed in pretend distress.

“Sorry, I had to. You have a really nice ass.”

“Oh, I do now? It isn’t nearly as nice as yours...” he said, pinning her against the door and kissing her while lifting up her dress slightly and placing a hand on the creamy skin of her supple, round hips.

He could not believe he was being so bold. It was so out of character. Or maybe it was just that he had never been afforded the opportunity to be assertive and act upon his sexual impulses before because a woman had never wanted him in this way. He could tell from her pleased reaction that she was definitely enjoying his advances. He was starting to wonder what else he could find that she would enjoy once they were inside.

He fished his keys out of his pocket and began fumbling with the lock in the dim illumination of the window in the front of the shop. He paused momentarily as his eyes fell upon the display on the other side showcasing many of the scrumptious items he served up daily to his patrons. Each morning when he passed by the tempting array of pastries and confections, he secretly fantasized about closing the shop for the day and eating everything in the bakery, starting with the contents of the display window. It might be impossible, he had never tried, but the mere thought was enough to make him rock hard. He wondered if he should tell his date as the lock clicked open and they made their way through the door.

“Is it hard to work here with all this food around you all day?” she inquired as if she had read his mind.

“Oh, God, you have no idea. Every day when I first come in I have to fight myself not to just eat up everything in sight.”

“Based on what I saw this morning, you aren’t very good at it,” she teased him.

“Only because I don’t want to be. Anyway, the store wasn’t open yet and I thought I was alone.”

She pressed herself against him and slid a hand down beneath his stomach to grab his crotch. “We’re alone now.”

Her words reverberated through his ears and his flesh and caused him to tremble with lust. He wasn’t sure whether she meant that she wanted him to eat more or for him to kiss her again. The line between sex and food had been blurred so much over the course of the evening that the emotions that went along with them both were starting to feel the same to him. They kind of already had to begin with.

“What do you want to do,” he asked, kissing her neck. “Now that we’re alone?”

“Are you still full?”


“That’s good to know. First, let’s get you out of this shirt. I’ve been wanting to see what you’ve got under there all day.”

“Is that a fact?” he said, smiling and gesturing for her to follow him to the back where they wouldn’t be visible from the street. He wouldn’t make that mistake twice. He held up the marble countertop for her to ease by before forcing his own way through.

“There is a room to the right with a couch and a TV,” he told her, pointing towards the darkened room next to his office. “It was supposed to be a break room but I don’t have any employees yet.”

“Is business slow or something?”

“No, but I am able to get by on my own for the time being. Plus, it saves me from paying an extra salary.”

He flipped on the lights in the break room and fell down heavily onto the battered old couch, patting his leg for her to sit on his lap. She did so as if she had done it a thousand times before, flinging her arms around his neck and laying her head against his mountainous chest with her golden hair splaying out across his broad shoulders.

“What do you mean by ‘for the time being’?”

He wasn’t sure how to answer that question truthfully without revealing a fact that he devoted a lot of time and energy towards trying to ignore. It was something he was not entirely sure how she would react to, or even how he felt about it himself, but it wasn’t as if he could hide it from her forever if they were going to have a relationship together. He decided that honesty would be best in this situation. It had worked well for them both so far.
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Verychubbyte... 1 year
What a wonderful story, one that I'd love too, great job
Built4com4t 13 years
well done! bravo
BeSoft 13 years
How exciting! dialogs, details, characters. Everythings great! Will you write new chapters? Thanks anyway, you made my day! ;]