Lunch break

  By Lola

Chapter 1

When he heard the key turn in the lock, he immediately knew that it was his girlfriend returning home to him for her lunch break. He smiled eagerly in anticipation of one of his favorite parts of the day. She slipped into the house gracefully managing to balance several takeaway bags from his favorite Chinese restaurant up the street in her arms. The delicious aroma of the food greeted his nostrils almost instantly and he began to salivate at the thought of the formidable feast that he knew she had brought him.

What had started three years ago as a present for his birthday, had segued into a daily ritual that he patiently pined for each morning until around 11:30 when she arrived with her planned smorgasbord for the afternoon. As he could plainly tell from the bulk of the heavily loaded bags of food, today would be no exception.

Since he had quit his job after she had persuaded him to move in with her, let her become his feeder and take care of him full time, his life had become a never ending procession of feedings and lovemaking. Sometimes he felt like it was all some wonderful dream and he never wanted to wake up. Life was good. He had grown so large and fat since they first met, and it was absolute heaven. No more inhibitions. He could finally be the man that he always wanted to be. It was such a wonderful gift, and he had his beautiful, loving girlfriend to thank for it. He just knew some day that he would make her his wife.

“I’m sorry that I am late, baby,” she cooed at him, planting a kiss on his chubby, rounded cheek. “Mr. Li’s was out of those dumplings that you like so much, so I had to stop at another Chinese place to get them. I didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

She set down the four bags she had been juggling and straddled him where he was sitting in his usual spot on the couch in front of the TV. She sank comfortably into the soft and bountiful flesh of his giant body as if it were an overstuffed mattress. An old rerun of Family Guy was on. She liked that show as well, he thought. She had a thing for Peter Griffin. She playfully grabbed a handful of his ample belly and kissed him again with ardent fervor on his anxious lips.

“You didn’t have to go to any trouble, although I do love pork dumplings. And shrimp dumplings. And chicken and dumplings, but I guess that isn’t exactly Chinese…” he chuckled.

“Maybe for dinner,” she purred, kissing him again.

He pulled her back from him slightly and stared her directly in the eyes with an intense and hungry passion. “Please show me what you brought me to eat now, honey.”

“And…” she trailed off, beckoning his standard response.

“And feed me,” he said pleadingly before she kissed him again. “Fill my belly and make me fatter.”

“Gladly,” she beamed at him and began unloading a mountain of Chinese food on the coffee table in front of him.

She started with the appetizers, stuffing an obscene amount of eggrolls, wontons and spring rolls into his ever ready mouth. When he was done inhaling them, she pulled out several containers of dumplings, both steamed and fried, and began popping them into his mouth as fast as he could devour them. When he was done consuming them all, she paused briefly and began rubbing his massive belly with both hands. She massaged it tenderly while kissing his ear.

“Are you ready for more?” she whispered.

“Oh, God yes,” he moaned with delight.

She proceeded to stuff him silly with a surfeit amount of various Chinese delicacies: lo mein, moo goo gai pan, egg foo young, beef with broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, a tremendous amount of fried rice and finally a family-sized portion of his favorite dish, Mongolian beef. When he was finally done, he closed his eyes in ecstasy and pulled her to him.

“Thank you,” he told her. “Thank you so much for feeding me so well and taking such good care of me. But,”

“But what?”

“Is that it? No dessert?”

She threw her head back in a fit of laughter. “Of course I got you dessert, silly. It is in the car. I only have so many hands. I’ll go get it in a second. Guess what?”


“The "Hot-Fresh-Now" sign was on at Krispy Kreme!”

He smiled ear-to-ear. “How many dozen?”


“Perfect. You know me so well.”

“I have a favor to ask first though, baby.”


“I know that Friday is weigh-in day, but I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have been working so hard this whole week and I just have to know.”

“Alright. I cheated this morning anyway. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

He held out a hand for her to help him off the couch, and with great effort she managed to help him heave forward to his feet. He wondered how much longer it would be before he wouldn’t be able to get up at all. He knew that eventually he would have to make a permanent move to the bedroom, and lately it seemed like that day was approaching faster and faster. It was thrilling. He couldn’t wait.

He waddled slowly to the bathroom, squeezing through the doorframe that seemed to become increasingly narrower as the months wore on. She followed closely behind him, watching his enormous ass jiggle and his love handles stretch out the fabric of his tight 8XL t-shirt. He was certainly a sight to behold.

“Baby, will you take off your shirt, please?” she asked.

He obliged her, revealing the colossal apron of fat that was his stomach covered in beautiful newly formed purple stretch marks. She wanted him so bad she could taste it.

He stepped on the scale and waited for her to read the number.

“603,” she squealed leaping in the air and then giving him a sensual and excited embrace. “We did it!"

"It was 598 this morning. But somehow I knew that lunch you fed me broke the threshold."

"Oh, baby," she said. " I'm calling out to work. I want you to fuck me all afternoon. I love you so much."

"I love you too, honey. Now how about that Krispy Kreme?"
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