Pushing the limits

Chapter 1 - the first of many

Sandy just got home from school, setting her book bag down by her desk, she turned on her computer to get a head start on her homework. The holiday season had vastly approached and Christmas Day was coming soon. So instead of waiting until the last minute to do her work she wanted to get a jump on it. She went to check her Facebook page and saw that one her friends was pinning things about holiday foods.
"Ohhh that turkey looks delicious!" she thought to herself. But seeing the turkey brought back memory of Thanksgiving and the weird sensation she got when her stomach seemed to be an endless pit.
"Sandy you should really try these sweet potatoes!"
"Sandy wait til you have dessert! It's to die for!!!"
Before Sandy knew what to do she had scarfed down at least five plates of high caloric, high carb, and highly fattening food. But by the time she could really take inventory on all the food she consumed dessert had come and soon gone. Everything was fine until she stood up and noticed the huge gut hanging out in front her and the sudden erotic pain coming from her midsection. She had clearly eaten her fill but it felt so good. She went to her room and admired the food baby in the mirror.
At 5'5" lean and in shape, Sandy never thought about the thrills over eating would bring her, but she would soon find out about the stuffing world.
Sandy's attention snapped back to the computer screen, and typed in Google. She needed to know if other people felt that way, being stuffed to the max and enjoying it.
Tons of searches came up to her surprise and the more she read on the more she became intrigued. Not only where there others like her, but they all had shared stories of their own stuffing sessions. How to stuff your self silly was a popular thing. She then found a particular story that really caught her eye. A girl who had stuffed herself then took instant mash potatoes put a tiny amount of water in it, ate it, then drank a huge amount of hot chocolate and expanded way past her limit. In awe Sandy decided that maybe she just found a new hobby. Her stomach started to complain loudly, and sent hunger pains throughout her body. Almost like turning a light switch Sandy headed to the kitchen with one goal in mind; recreate Thanksgiving.

As she opened the fridge and looked inside she saw nothing that screamed out "EAT ME!" until she laid her eyes on a fairly large ice cream cake from Carvel in the freezer. The cake said it was made to feed ten people, she laughed at the thought of finishing it all by herself, but thought it was a good start. Walking towards the pantry she found the secret ingredient instant mash potatoes and grabbed the box. Grabbing all her supplies she ran up the stairs so she could not be seen, and as she reached her door she turned the lock and turned towards her desk. In one quick swipe all the desks contents where on the floor, making room for her banquet. She was so ready to eat the cake that she forgot to change out of her size 5 jeans and tight American Eagle t-shirt. Without a thought she started to dig in.
She cut the cake into ten pieces, thinking that ten pieces was less intimidating then one large cake. She mixed the instant mash potatoes like the internet thread had suggested and decided that between every bite of cake she would take a bite of potatoes. The cake started melting and she knew she had little time to consume all the contents before she would have a big mess on her hands.
She brought the spoon to her mouth and cried a little inside. Sweet vanilla, followed by almost bitter sweet chocolate, and cookie crunchies covered her taste buds. She then took a spoonful of instant mash potatoes and those where very hard to swallow. Not only where they very dry but also very bland tasting. So she kept alternating cake, mash potatoes, cake, mash potatoes, and before she knew it three slices where gone and she ate half a cup of mash potatoes.
She looked down at her belly, you could tell there was something in there, but the coldness of the ice cream numbed her stomach to the stretch of excess food she was normally used to consuming. She could see that she was getting close to be comfortably full but felt nothing. She began speed eating.
Cake, potato, cake, potato, cake, potato, her bites began to get bigger, her chews slowly turned to inhaling. She was becoming a robot, and the more cake she ate the colder she became but she had no idea that she was closing reaching her ultimate limit. Being numb to fullness she kept on chewing.
The cake tasted so deliciously devine, then the potato was dry and bitter, which only encouraged her to eat more cake. This viciously cycle continued until "POP" her button flew off her pants, and she stared in awe of the sight below her.
Her stomach was a beautiful sight, in fact her stomach was bigger than that fateful day on Thanksgiving. So big that her buttons popped because of it!
She took her hand and placed it on her stomach, hard as a rock and cool to the touch. She was still amazed that even at this point she was still completely numbed to her normal "IM FULL" sensations. She only had a tiny bit of potatoes left and one slice of cake, and it didn't take a single thought process before she inhaled both in a couple swift movements. She sat in her chair admiring the gut she had worked on for thirty minutes. So round, hard, and solid. It looked like she was nine months pregnant with twins. She rubbed her belly taking in the enjoyment of being full filled to her unknown maximum. But she began to wonder how wonderful it would feel with soap rubbing across it? Hot warm water to bring her chilled body back to life. As she rose from her chair, unbalanced by the amount of food she stuffed herself with, she giggled with pride. She could not see her feet past her glorious stuffed gut. She did however start to feel how heavy her stomach became, gravity took affect and boy did she love it! With her huge gut and constant belly rubbing she became aroused.
"Thank god for the multi-head shower wand in the bathroom, because I am totally taking advantage of that tonight!" she clapped her hands in excitement. As she made her way towards the shower, slowly taking off her clothes, she became slightly disappointed that the instant mash potatoes did nothing like the internet thread had said, she quickly forgot about that when she looked in the mirror. Her protruding belly sticking out, her C-Cup boobs laying on top of the instant shelf her stomach provided, and her ass poked out a bit. She loved the way she looked, and became even more aroused. Little did she know that this shower experience was going to be one she would never forget........
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EbonGL 11 years
Please continue this!
EbonGL 11 years
Love the beginning!
Kissingthest... 11 years
This is my first story and already found a few grammatical errors. Let me know what you think and how I can improve for the next addition to this story!!! Thank you!!!