Sandy vs. ice cream machine

Chapter 1 - sandy gets called into work

"Hey Sandy it's TJ, I was wondering if you could come in tonight. I know you already have 40 hours but we have nobody to close tonight and we really need you."

"Yeah, that's no problem. I'll get my stuff on and be there as soon as possible."

"Thanks! I owe you one!"

Sandy hung up the phone with a heavy sigh, she really didn't mind working at McDonald's but she hated the fact that her fellow co workers kept ditching at the last minute. She ran to her room, quickly put on her clothes, and out the door she went. It wasn't until she got to work that she forgot to eat lunch. Between school and work her brain was starting to slip in remembering things. As she rushed to the time clock she headed to the register to take on the crowd of people.

One by one, each customer ordered food, and she felt her mouth fill with saliva. The Big Mac's looked more appetizing than ever, so did the fries, and the chocolate shakes where looking divine. But she was no where near he lunch break yet. Slowly her appetite mixed with anger, and from there she came up with the most ridiculous plan. She knew that after ten she would be the only there to clean up and lock up. She would turn off all the camera's and make herself the biggest feast that she tackled so far. She smiled to herself thinking of how tonight was only hours away....

"All right Sandy I'm gonna get going, thank you again for coming in on such short notice. Why don't you make yourself something to eat for all your hard work? I could've swore I saw you drooling over those fries hahahaaa! Well have a good night!"

Sandy was going to make herself a meal all right! She watched as her hot manager walked to the parking lot and got in his car. If it was up to her she would have him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The relationship between them was a hard one to describe. It was obvious they had something for each other, and both flirted, A LOT. But still nothing came out of it. As he drove away Sandy rushed to the managers office shut off the camera's, and then headed to the freezer. With all her items picked out she began cooking. McChicken, Big Mac, Angus Burger, Fries, Apple Pies, and Chicken Clubs. She made a quick inventory 10 sandwiches and a pound of fries should be enough right? After everything was cooked she prepared her gigantic feast. With every prepped and ready to go she sat back to admire her work.

It suddenly hit her exactly how hungry she was, before she knew it she was stuffing the sandwiches in her mouth. One, two, three, four sandwiches vanished in an instant. She reached for her drink, the hunger still unsatisfied in her gut, she grabbed another sandwich. Fifth one went down easy so did the sixth and the seventh. When she reached to the eighth sandwich she looked down at her stomach, which was now poking out, but she's seen it bigger. She saved the best for last and wanted to savor them. She took a bite out of the Big Mac and it melted in her mouth. The gooey cheese, the greasy patty, secret sauce, and the crunch from the lettuce sent her taste buds into over drive. When she opened her eyes again the sandwich was gone. "I must have really wanted that sandwich!" She giggled to herself. She grabbed the Chicken Club and savored the crisp bacon, creamy ranch, and the juicy chicken. Each swallow she felt go down her throat and into her stomach. Slowly stretching to fit the food she was so carelessly eating. She started to notice that she was getting the full feeling. Not wanting to waste the food she took a deep breath and began inhaling the last bit of food.

In three bites the Bacon Angus Burger was gone, and there laid the pound of fries. She took handfuls and stuffed them in her mouth. The crunchy fried potatoes covered in salt went down easy. She felt a chill on her stomach and noticed that her shirt had come up out of pants, she quickly opened the button and pulled down the zipper to relieve some of the pressure. With more room to grow she kept eating the fries. Bite by bite her stomach stretched and groaned from all the grease she had eaten and still continuing to eat. She closed her eyes and turned into a eating robot and before she knew it the fries where gone. Eating all that salt she was extremely parched and headed towards the soda machine. She wanted something sweet, but not coke nor sprite would quench that thirst. It wasn't until she turned around that a light switch flipped on in her head.....
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