Chapter 1 - a reckoning

He was good-looking with an athletic frame. He was also vain and sought the attention of any woman with a nice face and figure. He would charm and seduce them then within a few weeks grow bored and move on. Sometimes he would have several going at the same time. Because he was charming, attentive especially when it came to their orgasms, they would often be hurt by his sudden lack of availability and eventual disappearance from their lives. Some would try to confront him, plead with him, even threaten him and he might apologize and play along for a while, but he'd invariably leave.

Then he met a real beauty who was every bit attentive to him and his needs. He was amazed and overwhelmed by her and found himself more and more captivated by her. She was seductively dominant and he found himself only too happy to play along. She was also very smart and genuinely liked him despite some of his clearly self-serving attitudes and behaviors and she decided to see if she could make some changes in him. She knew it was self-serving but figured in the end, he would be happy serving her somewhat darker pleasures.

She spoiled him with attention, great meals and great sex and he found himself spending more and more time with her eating both her sumptuous meals and her, reveling in pure hedonistic pleasure until he would collapse exhausted in her embrace. He found himself either working or spending time with her and neglecting the gym and his clothing started to show it. Pants and shirts were too tight and he was growing a pot belly and love handles that she teased him about while she pleasured him. He found himself replacing much of his wardrobe with larger sizes and stretchable styles.

She took sadistic pleasure in seeing him struggle with the gluttony and sexual need she had created in him. He was clearly distressed in his vanity as his good trim physique and chiseled good looks were being engulfed by fat. This distress began to give way to despair as he realized he was seemingly helpless to control his appetites and was even getting aroused by his burgeoning belly.

She had been relentless in her feeding and sexual pleasuring of him, consuming his every free moment in tempests of food and orgasms. The quality and amount of sexual attention overwhelmed him, made him lazy and even mindless to pretty much anything else. He soon craved her attentions all the time and would find himself overeating at work knowing he'd be rewarded for his efforts - despite knowing he'd be stuffed solid as part of that "reward."

As his fattening became unavoidably noticeable, the response and attention of other women dropped off despite his most charming and determined efforts. He became more dependent on her - something she delighted in - and she exploited it ruthlessly.

He swelled and as his belly grew to accommodate the massive amounts of food and pounds of growing fat, she would tease him about just how fat he was getting and how much fatter she was going to make him - all the while stroking and pulling on his turgid and dripping cock, being careful not to quite bring him to orgasm. As soon as he was completely gorged and effectively in a state of near semi-conscious she'd insist he tell her that he wanted to be a good boy and get much fatter for her - repeating it until she made him cum. She would drain every drop of cum out of him by either riding him or sucking him, cumming herself when he exploded, pumping a huge amount of cum from his bloated, overfed body.

As he became more and more the "butterball" and "piggy" that she teased him about, the lazier and less active he got. This was in no small way a result of her taking such "good" care of him, minimizing his physical activity to eating and sex as much as possible. In a matter of months he was getting winded just walking.

Within one year she had turned his trim athletic body into a grotesque picture of gluttony. His belly was huge and round, his man boobs swelled and sank to each side of his gut, his ass and thighs were layered in dimpling fat and his face sported fat, round cheeks, a thick and puffy double chin.

It was at this point that when they would go out in public, they would often run into an old conquest of his, some of whom would recognize him and either approach to grinningly say hello or would turn away laughing. This would crush him and make him want to hide. But she would take great delight in it and would gently - but half-mockingly - console him with comments like, "She clearly doesn't see how much sexier you are," or "What's the matter Don Juan, have you gotten so fat they don't want you anymore?" to "Good boy, you're now all mine." She would then take him to an ice cream shop or fast food place and make him gorge till he couldn't move, all the while telling him what a fat piggy he'd become and how'd she'd make him cum when they got home. During brief moments of awareness he wondered if she was orchestrating these coincidental meetings.

It eventually dawned on him that he was trapped - trapped by his own appetites that were exploited sweetly and yes, viciously by her. As part of their sex play she was telling him how hopelessly obese he was and she had every intention of keeping him that way. She told him he was her helpless and obscenely fat plaything and good for nothing but her pleasure - that no woman could stand to look at him less want him. She made him watch videos she'd secretly shot of his progressive fattening. She'd set up the camera and a big screen television so he could watch himself and then poke and slap him and call him names as she stuffed his face sometimes making him cry in humiliation all the while manipulating his rigid cock. And afterward as he drifted out of brutalized and numb consciousness, gorged with his gland emptied and his dick limp, she'd pat him, kiss him on the forehead and in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "sleep well Don Juan, you helpless fat pig. You have an audience tomorrow."
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Badhansel 7 years
@nycfeedress - as you wish!
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh such a really sexy short story ;-)
although making it lnger and more detailed about changes manipulations and gains or figure changes would be sooo great ^^
Usdaporky2007 10 years
Great story!
Badhansel 10 years
Thanks all for your gracious comments and encouragement. I will add more in the next few months.
BS Writer 10 years
By god this was amazing and that last line is such a tease. Please please tell me more is coming.