The beach

Chapter 1 - day one

It was six months since they had been together and it had been a whirlwind of intense affection and attention from her, and he showed every ounce of it. She had pampered him and catered to his every appetite and he had gained a solid 25 pounds. Every night after a big, heavy meal he'd had an hour or so to digest followed by an avalanche of desserts that left him feeling groggy and uncomfortably bloated. There usually followed a belly massage, adoring kisses all over him with increasingly erotic touching crescendoing in a frenzy of sexual activity. Now, here they were at the beach for two weeks.

He sat semi-reclined in a beach lounge with his new gut just touching his thighs -- she insisted he wear speedo-type trunks to accentuate the belly she adored. They had just finished breakfast a little while ago at which she had coerced him to gorge himself; that and the mimosas left him in a comfortably dazed state. She was now rubbing sun screen on him taking plenty of time to rub it into his round - and after six months, much softened - fat belly. She murmured that she didn't want his tummy to burn but turn instead into the round golden mound she had long wanted for him. Well, for her really.

He must have dozed off, because he awoke to her hand gently squeezing his belly. She handed him a big pina colada, standing over him expectantly. He had learned that this meant that he should drink it straight away and he dutifully complied. As the added alcohol made itself know, he dozed off in the warm sunlight with the waves providing a soothing background of sound.

Her hand stroked the underside of his belly and he opened his eyes. There she was sitting beside and facing him with a tray of fruit and pastries. She held the first piece to his mouth. He opened up and took it, enjoying the cool freshness. Then followed the rest of the tray including the several pastries that left him both stuffed again and very thirsty. He asked for some water and she answered he can have pina coladas, one whose straw she held to his lips. As he drank she said that if he was still thirsty after this one, he could have another. He did. She smiled.

And so that first day continued with regular pina coladas being brought even after the huge, mostly deep-fried lunch washed down with several dark beers. He was so full, his sides ached and he couldn't arch his back enough to give his belly the room it demanded. He complained about it and she smiled and massaged his sides saying, "Does that feel better sweetie? It's just your tummy adjusting, it won't bother you soon." By the time it came for them to leave he beach that afternoon he was decidedly drunk and needed her help to hoist him out of the lounge and make their way to their room. There she guided him to the shower and removed his tight swimsuit as the water warmed up. She propped him against the wall of the shower and proceeded to soap, lather and rinse him. She then lathered her hands well and started massaging and gently pulling his cock while she told how happy she was to be at the beach with him, how round he was getting and how well he had eaten and how she knew he would have a big appetite for dinner.

Ragingly hard now, she knelt down and turning him to the shower took him in her mouth as the the water ran down his tight, heavy gut that now seemed to eclipse his view of her head as she pleasured him. Fondling and squeezing his balls and alternatively probing his ass she soon had him erupting forcefully into her mouth. Oddly, he tasted a bit of pineapple.
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GrowingLoveH... 7 years
How did I miss this Badhansel story! Wonderfully done! I envy your talents.
Badhansel 7 years
Thanks so much guys! And yes, this does beg a sequel although I'm admittedly not good at following up on that. I'm giving it serious thought.
Fatlilboy 7 years
I agree - I always know if your name is associated with it, I'm going to be satisfied in the long-run.
Horrorbusiness 7 years
hope you'll write more of this story! all your stuff is great.
Built4com4t 7 years
beach stories are my favorite