By Bbwloverdenver

Chapter 1 - the dream

On a pleasantly warm summer evening, Gabriel relaxed by an open window and felt a gentle breeze that was gradually lulling him to sleep. He preferred these quiet times, alone with his thoughts and a chance to gather his thoughts. But, as his eyelids grew heavier, he was being transported back to other pleasant times. Times when he had the company of a beautiful woman, the warmth of her skin like the comforting summer evening and the flowery scent of her perfume enveloping his senses ... and his eyes finally closed as he dozed off.

As Gabriel dreamt, his mind meandered back to the beginnings of a previous relationship many years before, when times were simpler. His senses and mind returned to a memory of an evening back then. Nothing extravagant, just the promise of good company, good food, and intimacy afterward. Many evenings involved a hearty meal out, which Gabriel loved. He also loved to watch his companion enjoy these meals across from him ... often to the point of being uncomfortably full. Of course, this had an effect on both of them ... most notably his lover's expanding curves and his growing excitement as they became more noticeable each month.

You see, when Gabriel had the comfort of a lover, he preferred his lady to be especially curvy ... and each time he entered a new relationship, his girlfriend seemed to be significantly more luxuriously curvy than the last. Not that he had the pleasure of dating much, but by the time he had entered this relationship his lovely companion was actually quite corpulent, a gorgeous pear-shaped ssbbw. His eyelids flickered as his dream brought to life this wonderful figure of a woman. His dream soon brought him across the table from this vision, at their favorite Mexican restaurant, and his senses recalled the aromas of spicy salsas & sauces covering entrees doused in fattening velvety melted cheeses and sour cream.

The meal his companion chose always seemed to have multiple plates, not including the chips and queso beforehand. Gabriel's mouth watered at the food, but more so at his girlfriend's ample hips overflowing and squeezing out of the side armrests, and her billowing posterior jutting out of the back. Many months of dates and meals out had added many pounds to her frame, and her lower belly perched on and almost covered thighs that were each as big as Gabriel's waist. His lips formed a wistful grin as his dream moved him through a meal where his lover had at least five plates of heavy, delicious Mexican food splayed in front of her, and she began to savor but also slowly and deliberately dissect each plate. Gabriel enjoyed seeing each and every bite disappear past her plump lips, watching her round face glow with enjoyment as she chewed and her growing double chin undulate as the offering finally made its way into her expanding belly. Truly, her dress seemed to strain more noticeably as each plate was thoroughly cleaned.

Gabriel adjusted in his chair as his dream continued, where the meal had been duly consumed and all the thousands of calories were beginning to be absorbed into his lover's growing figure. He remembered their mutual satisfaction after each meal, his lover wholly sated with a delicious fattening meal, and the stimulation of seeing her uncomfortable and pronounced waddle as they left the restaurant. Her behind literally filled the entire aisle and undulated with each step, brushing the backs of chairs as the wait staff patiently waited for us to slowly saunter past. The seams of her dress strained as her noticeably bigger belly bobbed up and down, and Gabriel could recall the soft slap of her underbelly on the top of her thighs as she made her way to the car. He held the car door open so she could heavily sit in the passenger seat, as the car's suspension creaked and groaned under the added weight. A regular seat belt proved inadequate long ago, so they added the extender and slipped it underneath her prodigious underbelly so it would fit.

Gabriel's dream soon found him in the driver's seat, massaging his lover's enormous belly and sliding his hand under her billowy lower tummy, feeling the soft warmth and heft and bounce with every bump in the road.
Gabriel had lost track of time well before his dream had carried the duo back to her place, but after reliving their wonderful meal and remembering the noticeable gains this was having on his girlfriend, his eyelids were again fluttering and he was beginning to feel warmer than the summer evening warranted. His dream was starting to reach the climax of the evening, and intimacy was indeed where Gabriel's dream wished to focus. His girlfriend had already begun to disrobe and show the effects of not only the most recent meal, but at least one hundred more pounds had found their way onto her growing figure since they had met. Gabriel loved her enormous pear shape, the massive yet shapely calves and thighs that supported a lower belly and butt that were easily eighty inches around. The motion of her movements were hypnotic, and tonight this dream would give Gabriel his most beloved memory as his lover slowly sat on the edge of the bed, laid back, and spread her thighs in anticipation of their favorite intimate activity.

Sweat began to bead on his forehead as these images repeated themselves once again, and he yearned for the reality of these moments. His lover was mostly smooth, but Gabriel loved to shave her mound to ensure smoothness everywhere. Gabriel set to work with his lover's legs resting on his shoulders as he knelt with a razor, shaving gel and water. Each leg must have weighed 70 pounds, and rolls of luscious warm, soft thigh overflowed his shoulders as he gingerly and lovingly removed the remaining hair from around her plump lips. After wiping away the last of the cream, Gabriel began gently nibbling, licking and kissing the insides of her enormous thighs and underbelly. Even though it was a dream, his lips and tongue were moving in the present and he could almost taste the slightly salty skin as his dream progressed. Occasionally as he would look around in his dream, he literally could see nothing but a mountain of soft, delectable flesh as the thighs and underbelly easily rose almost a foot above his head. He could feel his heart race as his now busy lips and tongue were working their way deeper into her womanhood and her fat began to move in waves all around him. While he was not a short man, it took all of his six foot armspan to wrap around his lover's globular cheeks and grab handfuls of warm flesh to thrust his face deeper into her muff. This point of view accentuated her enormity, having his face seem so small at the center of her great pear-shaped massiveness, and made him all that more eager to continue.

Everything in this dream is what Gabriel lusted for ... being enveloped by his lover, alternately taking big mouthfuls of her into his mouth to kiss and suck, then circling his tongue around her clit as she moved and moaned in appreciation. His lover could barely reach around her belly to grab the top of Gabriel's head and force it deeper into her massive fupa. As they worked in unison this way, Gabriel couldn't help but think how much more he would be enveloped by his lover's massiveness as she continued to grow and add to her glorious figure ... as more satisfying meals led to her more voluminous body, how his arms may soon be inadequate to reach around a single magnificent butt cheek, and his lover's belly and butt would soon provide several square feet of licking pleasure for Gabriel to explore as her weight climbed past four hundred, five hundred, six hundred pounds. Gabriel's dream reached climax simultaneously with his lover, as her legs spasmed and waves of fat violently crashed across his face and head.

But, as all dreams do, this one ended at this exact moment, even as he wished it would have continued on forever. Gabriel groggily turned his head left and right and rubbed his eyes to orient himself, and shook his extremities to get the blood flowing again ... but he soon realized he was drenched in sweat despite the relatively cool breeze flowing through the window, and some parts of his body were not lacking in blood circulation. As his mind regained focus the clarity of his reminiscence was not lost, and he wistfully wished for another lovely pear-shaped ssbbw that he could grow and pleasure as he had in his dream.
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