The new feeding experience

Chapter 1 - the new feeding experience

Mel yearned for something different as Mel plowed her way through a box of twinkies. Plunging into feederism years ago as a sexually represed young lady, the effects were apparent everywhere on herself and her home. Fast food containers, candy wrappers and discarded drink bottles littered her otherwise sparse apartment. Weighing in at a paltry 125 pounds only a few years ago, since Mel discovered her erotic desires in stuffing herself with calorie-laden treats, Mel had easily packed on dozens upon dozens of pounds onto her frame and was now pushing a very round and well-padded 300 pounds. She had found her secret sexual desire, her constant state of food satiety and weight gain becoming an added means of orgasm. As she gingerly and sensuously massaged her over-full belly, periodically emitting the erotic gurgles and groans of her digestion bravely trying to keep up with her massive intake, Mel had no intention of stopping her feeding journey anytime soon.

Finding willing feeders was no problem ... the progress pics Mel posted on the feederism sites and boards, showing how her deliciously-formed bouncing belly seemed to swell more each passing month, soft milky thighs now incessantly rubbing together, billowing over her knee caps and competing for lap space, and her breasts two heavy orbs now resting and spreading on her growing belly-shelf. Mel had reasonable success with these feeders coming over with overflowing bags of food on a regular basis, keeping her full and satisfied and always growing. She loved these sessions, and often indulged herself with her favorite feeders by entering close relationships and making love with them after her mammoth meals. Usually, however, these relationships tended to last only a few months as the monotony of the now mundane feeding sessions couldn't hold Mel's interest and her eager feeders in turn had typical one-track minds about feeding and sex. She needed something different.

A few weeks after another semi-sucessful relationship had ended ... yes, it had ended like the others, but Mel had easily packed on another fifteen pounds over the last month of hedonistic gorging ... she was lurking and chatting on one of her favorite feeder sites when she found a profile that piqued her interest. As she mindlessly munched on extreme Doritos and full-fat sour cream dip, she perused the ad:

New Feeding Experience Wanted
Seeking fully committed feedee for
late-night extreme feeding sessions
and extra-curricular activity.

Must want to explore the erotic side
of feederism, different from what you're used to.
Please chat with me to see if we connect!

"Hmm. Lacking in detail, but maybe worth a chat", Mel mused to herself.

A few clicks and key-strokes later, she was in the chatroom, scanning the participant list. Finding her potential feeder, she sent a quick message. "Care to chat privately? Just curious about your mysterious ad."

"That would be great", came in quick response, and they started their private conversation.

"What's your name?" Mel quickly querried.

"Geoffery. What's yours?" came the reply.

"Call me Mel. If we can get to the point, let's exchange pics. Then you can explain what you mean by your "new feeding experience". Ok?" Mel liked to cut through to the facts and details at this stage of her evolution as a feedee.

The obligatory picture exchange went through, and Mel made sure to include a picture of her growing belly. Geoffrey's pics revealed that he had been thickening a bit himself ... a round pot belly was inching his shirt up over his round middle in a couple of his pics. It seemed as both of them had an intimate relationship with overeating. Mel didn't really care much about body type or size. Not even mutual gaining or not mutual gaining. Her experience indicated that interesting feeders had come in many different forms. So, she pressed on.

"Looks like you might be showing the effects of gaining yourself. Intentional or unintentional?" Mel asked.

"Um, a bit of both, I suppose," Geoffrey typed awkwardly. "I've got a bit of expereince as both feeder and feedee, I just seem to have more success as the feeder, I suppose. I've put on about 30-40 pounds myself while helping my partners gain, and haven't minded a bit."

"So, what's different about how you feed your partners?" Again, Mel pressed her point.

"Well, I'm assuming that most of your feeders have brought over a lot of food, expected you to gorge yourself, and then maybe had some playtime afterward", Geoffrey replied. "Not that it doesn't work for a dedicated feedee, but for the most part you can do 99% of that on your own, am I corect?"

"Yes, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Not that I didn't like it at the time, and it certainly fattened me up nicely" Mel bragged.

"You're being modest, Mel. It looks like you've done quite well ... probably going to triple your starting weight soon, if I may make a prediction" Geoffry gushed.

"Well, that certainly is the idea. I can't imagine how I tried to be happy as a skinny little thing" Mel typed, then gave a loving rub to her enormous belly.

"The biggest difference between my proposal and your past experience is that you feel weightless as you are funnel-fed ... and if you like, I can give a little more pleasure along the way." Geoffry hoped the description wasn't too forward.

"Weightless? Hmm, that would be a feat for a growing gal like myself. How do you acheive this?" Mel inquired.

"I have a full-body swing and a funnel-feeding device attached. You basically hang from the ceiling while I make you comfortable and you can suck down some calorie-dense drinks as you lay back. I've had some very good experiences with it, although most ladies get a little hesitant about the funnel feeding. And since you're suspended in mid-air, it feels almost weightless ... I can move you around and do whatever you want much easier than if you were squeezed into a chair or your full weight on a bed" Geoffrey detailed.

"Hmmm. You have piqued my interest ... obviously, we need to get comfortable with each other first. Mind if we meet for coffee or something?" Mel gently asked.

"Of course. Safety first" Geoffrey reassured. They ended their quick chat by exchanging ideas and finally the address of a local coffee house, and plans to meet the following day to see if they had a connection. Both Mel and Goeffrey slept fitfully with the promise of realizing their feederism fantasies.

The following evening, Geoffrey was passing the time waiting at their agreed destination by reading the newspaper, people-watching, and generally nervously fidgeting. He was generally quite reserved, and this was about as much adventure as he could manage. Furtively glancing up periodically to check the passers-by, all at once his nerves jolted him to attention as he saw tonight's date slowly waddling down the block. He instantly identified her as Mel from her tight-fitting blouse and jeans that looked like they would burst seams at any instant. The curve-fitting clothes and modest difficulty she had navigating the sidewalk as people gingerly made a path for her was a clear indication that she both was growing out of her wardrobe and she was getting used to a recent weight gain by her slightly awkward and swaying gait. Stylish shoes creaked and her wide, well-formed calves led to two enormous, soft thighs that swished and rubbed together with each ponderous step. Her jeans barely contained a beautiful, wide and hanging belly that gave a hint of the outline of her belly-button jiggling underneath. As wide as her hips were, there was still a significant muffin-top upper belly that strained her blouse's buttons and the beautiful plump bosom that spread out and rested on her upper belly were slightly exposed by gaping buttons running up her chest. These were framed by pillowy plump arms that overflowed her elbows, a generous double-chin and simply beautiful countenance with ebony hair, bright grey eyes and ruby lips. Geoffrey needed the full two minutes it took for Mel to waddle her way to him to compose himself enough to speak.

"My goodness. You must be Mel ... simply gorgeous! You must be a model" Geoffrey managed to stammer.

Mel smiled graciously. "I get that a lot ... actually, I've dabbled a bit in with modelling for paysites, but it usually distracts me from my main interest," as she unconsciously held her belly up so she could lower herself into the tight chair opposite Geoffrey.

"Well, would think that you would have a lot of interested guys. Mind if I grab you a coffee?" Geoffrey nervously asked, as he was starting to think that Mel was way out of his league.

"I heard their mocha cream chiller is to die for ... and does a body good" Mel slyly smiled and patted her bulging tummy. "Biggest they have, please."

"Be right back!" Geoffrey was off like a flash. He returned in a few minutes with to extra-large, calorie dense coffee creations.

"So ... you're pretty easy on the eyes, Geoffrey, and polite. You must be very popular with the big gals like me" Mel began.

"Not so much ... but thanks for the kind words. I don't get out as much as I'd like" Geoffrey replied, looking down at his own growing paunch and stirring his drink.

"You don't seem very aggressive ... a bit different from other feeders I've come across" Mel continued.

Geoffrey returned a shy smile. "Yeah, that's true. But I know what I like."
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