The big night

Chapter 1

It all started online...I never put much stock in internet dating, but when I found a website that catered to my rather specific and somewhat unusual tastes, I had to give it a shot. You see, I am what certain members of society have rather unceremoniously labeled a “feeder”. Yes, it is true, I get a profound sexual thrill from watching a woman eat to excess...even more so when I am able to assist with her display of gluttony, and Mandy was most certainly a glutton of the highest order.

I had been seeing Mandy for less than a month now, but it seemed like we had known each other our entire lives. I was amazed when I found that we shared so many interests and had so many matching kinks but imagine my delight at the fact that she lived in a small town only 20 miles from me! After a brief period of messaging one another via the website we knew we had to meet. The rest is a glorious blur of a month filled with laughter, belly rubs, and buffets, but this night was even more special.

Our night started out much like many before them had, we began with a movie. She loved to go to the movies.....not for the movie itself mind you, Mandy found the difficulty the theater seating had containing her 468 pound figure to be an almost sexual thrill. Of course the heavily-buttered giant tubs of popcorn and other super-sized movie treats were also a great attraction to her, but nothing like the feeling of her massive, doughy rolls and folds spilling over and under the armrests of the chairs and threatening to claim territory in the next seat. To say that I found this exciting would be an understatement, but what I drew even more excitement from was how much is excited Mandy.

After the movie concluded we took the short trip to our favorite all-you-can-eat buffet. We loved the place for several reason. For one thing, there was an amazing variety of food and it all tasted amazing. The atmosphere was also very friendly. The owners were always very happy to see us come in. They were middle-aged couple and the wife was quite large, I would guess approaching 500 pounds like Mandy. Her and her husband always gave me a knowing wink when we came in, they always made us feel comfortable. And last but certainly not least, the chairs were wide, plush, and of the sturdiest construction. If ever there was a restaurant that catered to the feeder/feedee lifestyle then this was it!

We were seated at our usual table in a cozy corner that was just a short distance from the buffet. I made sure Mandy was comfortable and then left for the buffet to fill her plate for he. Picking foods she liked was quite easy as it seemed that there was not much she did not like. I piled her plate high with chicken, ribs, steak, mashed potatoes, and corn and returned to the table where he face lit up when I sat the plate before her. “Oh dear!” she said teasingly, “Are you trying to make me fat?” I responded in my usual manner, “Well, my plump princess, I think it is a bit late for that, and I am so glad it is!” She smiled and began upon the task of cleaning her plate. The reckless abandon she went about eating was magnificent! I marveled at her appetite as she brought forkful after forkful of food to her lips, opened her mouth, and packed more food into her mouth. When she drew close to finishing a plate I would take a trip to the buffet and return with a fresh plate which was again piled high with fattening foods.

This continued for two hours. This is when I started to sense that this was a special night. As I said, Mandy was an amazing glutton with an amazing appetite, but tonight she had gone above and beyond her usual. After six packed and piled high plates of food I heard her gasping for breath as I sat beside her rubbing her massively distended belly. She was more stuffed than I had ever felt before and her stomach was making some very ominous sounds in protest of all that it had been forced to contain. “Are you OK my sweet piglet? Are you ready to go home?” I whispered in her ear and I continued to rub her ponderously stuffed belly. She turned her head slowly to look at me and smiled with some effort as she said “But baby, we....we can't leave.....I..... mmmfffhhh....I haven't even......had.....dessert yet!” I protested with concern for her but in the end she won, of course. But I agreed to only one plate of desserts and returned with a piece of strawberry cake, some chocolate custard pie, a bowl of ice cream, and a large square of rice crispy treats. I watched in awe as slowly but surely all this also disappeared into her alarmingly stuffed belly. All the while the groans and gurgles emanating from her increasingly swollen belly were growing louder and louder. I paid the bill, glanced over at the owners who returned my gaze with a look of amazement all their own and we were out the door.
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LyteWing 13 years
Thank you very much for the kind words. As for what happens after, it is my intent to have a sequel at some point. I wanted to continue the story but I thought I would go ahead and post something rather than waiting.