chapter one

WARNING: This story contains shocking horror elements that some may find unnerving! This story was written as a challenge from a friend that wanted me to flex my creative powers and venture into an area I do not normally enter while at the same time producing a dark/twisted feeding story that could also provide Halloween entertainment. I DO NOT condone the events that happen in this story! I was challenged to dig deep into a subject I normally would dare not touch and I feel I accomplished the goal.......enjoy if you dare!

Tonight was the night! I knew it....at long last, tonight was our special night! Olivia and I had been planning for this special night since we met all those years ago. I still remember seeing her from across the mall food court, her raven black shoulder-length hair and eyes that glinted like emeralds in the moonlight. They cut through the crowd like lasers and pierced my very soul. A smile crept across my face just thinking how perfect she was...how much potential she held. At 5'2" tall and about 280lbs she was not thin by any standards but my own, but her slightly larger than average belly and hips hinted at a wonderland of carnal delights that could be. My mind raced as I crossed that crowded opening and quickly closed the distance between us to do all I could to make her mine! And make her mine I did....I promised her I would be with her till death.

But that was over five years ago....so much time had passed. She was not aware of what a feeder was before meeting me. I suppose when you are used to being told that your weight and eating habits are negative things and people are constantly criticizing you because of your weight you would not stop often to think that there might be people in the world that see such things as a positive and even crave your abundant curves and folds. You certainly might never consider that there would be someone that craves this so much that he would actually want you to grow FATTER. But those people DO exist, they are called feeders and those that engage in the fetish with them and allow themselves to be fattened are called feedees. Olivia found this out shortly after we met all those years ago and I must say she took to the lifestyle with a joy I have not seen before nor since! She knew what she was now, there was a name that went with the desires she kept locked inside herself all her life, she was a feedee and I was her feeder.....though she did not know at the time that I was a VERY special and VERY rare type of feeder.

In the time since Olivia and I became involved and her inner desires began to awaken, there have been changes. Most notably are the changes in her figure, no longer is she a "thin" girls of only 280lbs. She now crushed the scales at a much more pleasing 628lbs and has the body of a goddess with a mountainous belly that is criss-crossed with stretchmarks, milestones and trophies that attest to her rapid growth. Her breasts which were notable before now perch atop her belly and drape a bit to the sides. And on top of it all is her angelic face with those emerald eyes that are as bright as usual and flanked by that raven hair that flows from behind her ears and down her chest. I have also coaxed her to indulge herself in many ways she never would have before. It started small with constant snacking and me feeding her tasty treats in bed but quickly escalated to public stuffing sessions at all-you-can-eat restaurants. I think back to all the fun we had at those.....I would keep her plates filled making runs to the food bar for her and she would just keep packing the food in. She got quite good at it due to the constant stuffings that led to her stomach stretching and giving her an amazing capacity....it was quite hard for her to feel full anymore. Yes...so many wonderful changes.

Tonight started no differently than normal. Well.....it was no different other than the fact that I had slipped a powerful apatite stimulant into her first plate of food. I don't think it was really necessary, but tonight was the big night I have been planning for years...why take chances! Olivia devoured everything I placed on the table in front of her with reckless abandon. She was a real sight to behold...indeed every eye in the room was glued on her at some point, thought I doubt they were looking with the same admiration I was. I could hear some people muttering under their breath doing their best to conceal the fact that they were talking about my dear Olivia but I was still able to hear words such as "disgusting", "spectacle", and "horrible". I suppose some might consider a woman of her immense proportions sitting in a public place like this literally shoving food down her throat in an attempt to sate the ravenous hunger raging deep inside her to be these things, but not me....to me she was an angel.

As the night went on she would only draw more attention. People would stare in sheer disbelief as the empty plates began to stack high over the table and the sauces of finished dishes coated her mouth. She was breathing quite heavily, as impressive as her apatite was it was clear that the stimulant I slipped her was doing its job perfectly. We had been at the buffet for hours now, many diners had come and been long gone and one chubby young waitress kept asking if I would like the check (probably at the urging of the management in an attempt to encourage us to leave), but my sweet Olivia was still there demonstrating what a good glutton she was for all to see. I think she may have been in a sort of food trance at this point blindly swallowing anything I brought her in an attempt to satisfy her irrational hunger. And then the meal was over...not because Olivia was satisfied, it was simply closing time. The sad look on Olivia's face told me all I needed to know, I reassured her by telling her we would pick up something from the drive-thrus on the way home. As we left the restaurant the smile on my face to have such a gorging goddess waddling next to me contrasted sharply with the frown on the owner's face...clearly there was no profit in the buffet business tonight.

We slowly crossed the parking lot and made our way to the car. Olivia's belly was hanging noticeably lower than usual, a clear sign that we were making fresh progress tonight. Everything was going just as I had planned. I helped her into the car and we both giggled playfully as I reached for the seatbelt...we both knew that even with the extra long extender I had she has long outgrown it and with tonight's gastronomic display there was certainly no chance for it to fit! I rubbed her massively stuffed belly causing her to coo with delight. I applied just a bit of pressure and could tell she stomach was as tight as a drum and this caused her to gasp a bit from the momentary discomfort that soon faded to become more moans of pleasure. I got in the driver's seat next to her and could only grin as I glanced at the vision of gluttonous beauty filling and spilling over the other seat as I drove.

I kept my promise to Olivia and we stopped at a couple of her favorite drive-thrus on the way to our destination. Needless to say that I uttered "family size" and "supersize" several times and she happily continued to munch as we drove continuing to fill her already unimaginably packed stomach with even more food. She did not utter a single word the entire time, in fact, the only time she made any sound that was not chewing or swallowing related was when the road would get a bit rough and would jar her packed belly a bit...this would illicit a sharp moan from her which I found adorable. Olivia's eyes did light up a bit when she noticed that I was not taking her back home though. She knew where we were going, the little house I had been renting so that she and I could be closer to the restaurant district but still have all the privacy we needed for our special "feed and fuck" times. I had arrived there earlier during the day and set things up for the big night...my baby was in for a big surprise!

After helping her from the car and assisting her in the slow walk to the door all the while rubbing her terribly swollen belly, we arrived inside the house and her final destination...the bedroom. It was all ready for her, the large reinforced bed was soft and covered with the finest satin sheets, the lighting was low and tinted red, and the room was well cooled...everything was just how she liked it. I helped her into the bed and she sighed in deep relief, if must have felt so good to be off her feet and have the pressure from her latest binge lessened a bit. She mentions how the coolness of the satin sheet really soothes her tight skin. I smile and tell her that tonight is special, that tonight is a night I saw coming all those years ago when I saw here across that packed food court. With a smile I stand next to the bed beside her, take her hands and gently raise them above her head and before she knows what I have planned they are ensnared in restraints I had concealed behind the headboard earlier that day. The shocking development catches her off-guard and panic crosses her face momentarily, but I reassure her with my calming voice the way I always have and she calms instantly...she even comments about how "kinky" this is...she has no idea.
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Gassygirl 7 years
This is perfect! I would love to read more like this one!
Bradypig 7 years
Love it , great job !
LyteWing 7 years
I did say I was challenged to write a dark and twisted story for Halloween......thus why I felt the need to include the disclaimer. This is totally different from how I usually write and even think so it was a pretty good writing challenge.
Growing Bigger 7 years
Good. But sadistic.