The new neighbor

Chapter 1

Julie was new to the small suburb town of Marksville. She yearned for a new beginning away from the big city. The heartbreak of a disastrous end to the relationship with her fiancé completely embarrassed her. He had cheated on Julie with his new sexy slim secretary; when caught, he blamed Julie for not maintaining her figure. “What makes you think I want to sleep with your fatass for the rest of my life?”

At 5’4” and 170 lbs, she was barely chubby.

Many brides are motivated to dropping those last few pounds in order to look amazing on their wedding day, but the stress of planning a wedding had the opposite effect on Julie. Running all over town to the florist, the bakery, and the tailor for numerous dress fittings, she grabbed a few donuts and frappuccinos here, burgers and milkshakes there, and many other tasty treats to calm her nerves.

Julie respected herself enough not to take that emotional abuse from anyone. Moving to a new town to start over seemed like the perfect idea. Still, her ex-fiancé’s comment really disheartened her. She wondered if she would ever be able to find someone that would love her for the beautiful person she really was inside.

Little did she know that this was all about to change.

Ryan had noticed his new neighbor from the first moment she started unpacking her moving truck. Tall dark and handsome, with a sweet personality and a muscular build, many people in the neighborhood wondered why this attractive man hadn’t yet met his special woman. It seemed Ryan dated many women, always wining and dining them, but no one knew why nothing ever lasted. Ryan decided to take a chance on his new interest.

He walked up to Julie as she walked out to get her mail, “Hi, I’m Ryan. I noticed you just moved in and I wanted to come introduce myself.”

”Nice to meet you Ryan, my name’s Julie.”

”So what brings you to Marksville? It’s not everyday we get an attractive young woman moving around here!”

“Aw you’re too sweet. Actually, I just wanted to get away from the big city…away from it all…you know, just start over.”

Ryan was intrigued… wanting to make Julie feel more welcome, he invited her over for dinner at his place. Having been scarred by her ex-fiancé’s remark, Julie was amazed that this handsome guy would even be talking to her. Still, she didn’t know anyone yet, so Julie thought she’d take him up on his offer.

Thousands of thoughts raced through Julie’s mind the night leading up to her dinner date with Ryan. “I shouldn’t eat too much… I need to lose this weight I put on… I don’t want him to think I’m a pig… I can’t blow it with this guy!” Julie went through her closet looking for the perfect thing to wear. She tried on every dress she owned, a bit discouraged that each fit a little snug than she remembered. She picked out a very (unintentionally) form-fitting black smock, but only because everyone says black is slimming. With a spritz of her best perfume and a bit of hesitation, she walked across the street to her new neighbor’s home.
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