Victoria's vacation

Chapter 1

Victoria’s roommate Claire was going out of town to visit her parents. She was so excited that she would have the apartment to herself for one whole week. Claire was a marathon runner and very much into her physical fitness. Victoria was a short 5’1” and a plump 250 lbs. Even though she didn’t say much, Victoria felt the glares of disgust when she’d be caught binging on an assortment of junk food. Victoria looked forward to a lazy week of eating without judgment.

At ten in the morning on the first day of her own personal vacation, Victoria was awoken by her loud rumbling stomach. She was pleased to have woken up before her favorite fast food joints had stopped serving breakfast. She grabbed her car keys and headed to grab some food.

Her first stop was McDonalds. She ordered a chicken biscuit, a Sausage McMuffin, and a deluxe breakfast with pancakes and syrup, hash browns, and eggs. Next stop was Krispy Kreme where she ordered a caramel kreme crunch donut, a chocolate covered crème filled donut, a powdered strawberry filled donut, a dozen regular glazed donuts, a chocolate glazed donut, a glazed sour cream, a couple apple fritters, and a dozen regular glazed donuts. She felt herself getting hot at the anticipation of going home and secretly stuffing herself.

She polished off her breakfast in about an hour as she watched morning TV. She rubbed her stuffed belly that now poked out from her pajama top. Half an hour later, she saw a commercial for Domino’s pizza. She couldn’t contain herself. She grabbed her take-out menu and dialed their number. She ordered a chicken alfredo bread bowl, a philly cheese steak sandwich, a large meat lovers pizza, cheesy bread, buffalo wings, cinnamon sticks, and a 2 liter Coke. She was surprised at all of the food she was ordering… she’d NEVER eaten this much! Oh well, she thought, if I have leftovers, I can eat them later.

An hour later her order arrived. The delivery man was surprised to see only Victoria… surely all this food must be for a whole family!

Victoria locked her door and sat on her loveseat. She couldn’t believe it…she was getting EXCITED. She opened the pizza box and took out a slice. She slid the pizza into her mouth in delight. After finishing off the whole pizza, she felt her pajama bottoms digging into her belly. She took off her clothes to allow herself room to grow. She was getting turned on to the fact that her clothes were getting too small. She continued on with her feast. She ate her sandwich and cheesy bread, then the bread bowl, and the buffalo wings. She had already drank half of her Coke bottle, but wondered if she could chug the rest… she massaged her bloated belly a little bit, then grabbed the Coke bottle with both of her hands, lifting it up. Soda was dripping on her chin and onto her chest and belly, but she did it. She let out a loud belch and smiled to herself. She felt SO FULL but began massaging herself as she stuffed the last bit of cinnamon sticks.

She felt extremely lethargic after her large meal. She couldn’t even get up off the couch her stomach was so full. She took a nice long nap to make room for more.

When she woke up, it was already six o’clock. Time for dinner! Victoria thought of so many different things she wanted to eat, but had to make her decision. She decided on a country buffet. She got herself up off the couch, made herself decent by putting a t-shirt and sweats on, and left.

She waddled to the door of the restaurant, ignoring the stares she got. She wasn’t here to care what other people thought of her, she was here to EAT.

She ordered a Dr. Pepper and began her first trip to the buffet. She filled her first plate with four pieces of fried chicken on top of a full plate of mashed potatoes and gravy. Her second trip she got half a plate of macaroni and cheese and a few pieces of fried fish. Her third trip included a full plate of meat loaf and stuffing. She was so stuffed she wondered if she should go for more. She didn’t need much convincing, as they started serving steak. She went and got a 12 oz rib eye with sides of white rice and pork and beans. She spotted more things she wanted to ‘just taste’ and had a dozen chicken fried steak tenders dipped in white gravy and a couple of yeast rolls. To complete her extravagant feast, she went to the dessert bar and got bread pudding, cherry pie, brownies, peanut butter cookies, and ice cream with chocolate syrup.

She waddled out of that buffet not even attempting to pull down the t-shirt that was now exposing her belly up to her bellybutton.

She drove home, passing the convenient store. She wondered if she should get snacks for later when she was watching TV… which once again, didn’t take much convincing. She grabbed a bag of Twizzlers, a bag of sour cream and cheddar potato chips, a Snickers bar, and a pint of cookie dough ice cream.

She sat on her couch the rest of the night, gorging on her snacks and thinking about her wonderful day, knowing that she had six more days of bingeing to herself.
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Guanodog 14 years
nice story, will there be wg and a romantic spin as well?