The summer job

Chapter 1

Sunday, 15th June

Finally back home, what a long drive that turned out to be back from university, two hundred miles took almost four and a half hours.

Start working for Mr Adams tomorrow doing a bit of gardening, hopefully it will be every bit as good as it was last year. The job was incredibly easy plus it had another fringe benefit. Really hoping Sarah, Mr Adams daughter is there again this summer, would just love to have the same kind of fun I had with her this year as I did last. I am not a bad looking guy but someone like Sarah would normally be out of my league, long blonde hair, blue eyes, kind of Scandinavian features. I would normally not even try with someone that stunning but she came on to me and how could I refuse.

Well time for bed that trip really tired me out.

Monday, 16th June

I cannot believe it Sarah has gone and gotten chubby since I last saw her a year ago. There she was in the garden sunbathing in her bikini and you could see that she has replaced her flat stomach with a really noticeable belly. I’ve seen plenty of women put on the freshmen fifteen at uni this year but it looks like Sarah has more than doubled that in her freshman year. It is such a shame she was a real stunner last year, when she had such a great figure.

Did not get a chance to speak with her more than to say a quick hello as Mr Adams was at home all day. Not that I minded really given the transformation she has gone through over the last year.

At least the job is still as easy as it had been the year before although it is quite a large garden it really does not justify someone working eight hours a day, five days a week to keep it looking good, but I am not going to complain it is easy money after all.

Tuesday, 17th June

So Mr Adams was out at work today so Sarah came over for a chat that went something like this.

“So do you fancy a little bit of fun.”

“No, I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

“Oh come on.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but you have gotten a little bit chubby and well….”

“I don’t think you understand, if you don’t I am going to tell my Dad all about what you got up to last year, and trust me you certainly don’t want that to happen.”

It was true I didn’t, her father had a reputation in town, it was widely believed he was in charge of all the underworld elements in town. I had also seen first hand that he had a temper last year when he got a call that upset him, the garden table in front of him went sprawling across the patio.

So what could I do, I really did not want Mr Adams coming after me so I was going to have to sleep with his now chubby daughter. Looking at her I had to admit it was not all bad, I have always liked big breasts and Sarah’s that always were a decent pair, were looking even better now.

I have never had sex with a chubby chick before and once I got over the rage of the ultimatum, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I actually found I loved the softer feel of her body, rather than the sharper edges of all the women who had come before her.

I am not about to tell anybody, but I could get used to women with a little more to them.
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Chriskin8 12 years
I am sure you will so far it has been very interesting with a unique flavor to the plot and how realistic it is, took my breath away smiley
TheOwl 12 years
Didn't think it ended sadly. It is left open and I am thinking of ideas for a follow up, I will see if I come up with something worth writing.
Chriskin8 12 years
Are you going to continue writing this master piece or end it so sadly ='[
Gary1627 12 years
I like your writing becuase it's original. There are some men who don't realise how sexy it can be, being with a fatter girl until they have experienced how good it is. This story is explained like a personal experience, which is why it's so good.
Jazzman 12 years
Getting better with each chapter! smiley