Good things, come to those who wait

Chapter 1 - The Girl

I first met Claire in my first year at university, she wasn’t my normal type, but there was just something about her. Claire by my reckoning was about five foot five and just over one hundred pounds. She had beautiful long and curly dirty blonde hair, a cute little nose and a smile which could win anyone over with just a single glance.

It was not, however her looks that drew me to Claire; it was just a great personality and a bright outlook on life. She always seemed to be happy with her lot and when we talked the conversation flowed by so well, which so rarely happen happened between me and other women.

She did by no means, I had to face it look nothing like any of the women I had gone with in the past. Quite simply she was a lot thinner, the last woman was at least fifty pounds heavier and all had at least some weight on Claire. I liked my women to have an ample cleavage resting on a substantial belly and bum you can grab a good hold of. Claire physique however was similar to that of a child almost, with only the smallest of shape that given she had two miniscule breasts.

During the first couple of year of university we had got to know each other quite a bit, although were far from being the best of friends or anything. I just knew she was someone I could chat to around uni or on a night out if we happen to both be in the same place at the same time. It was coming to into the final year that I decided I would pursue something more than friendship with Claire. I knew if I did not it would be another of those niggling regrets you have built up when you look back on life.

So after the easy part of decided I wanted to date her came the difficult one of seeing if she wanted me too. My nerves were forever getting the better of me and although I knew she liked me a little, I feared the embarrassment of rejection and the loss of any friendship should it all go wrong.

My decision on how best to ask her out went too, I’m afraid the least romantic of the options I know to get a date. It was a drunken night out at the student guild, seeing she is there I go over and flirt a little, a few more drinks and more flirting and finally pluck up the courage to ask her out. And well she said “YES!”

Now come the testing part in the morning when the hangovers are starting to lift, will she still be as keen as the night before. We were both in a lecture that was set to start at just before eleven. I was outside waiting for the previous class to finish when I saw her coming my way and the doubts creep into my head, what’s going to happen, have I made a big mistake? She then stands right next to me and says.

“How about Friday night, at about eight and you had better choose somewhere good.”
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