Tragic loss ch. 5-6

Chapter 1 - and so it begins

Since Allen's epiphany he felt more pure than he had in quite some time. It was as if he had finally had something to work towards. But he decided that gaining weight wasn't going to be enough. He was going to go back to his real first name Anthony. His mother wanted to give him a good traditional Italian name, while his father wanted to give him a more traditional ' non-daego' name. He decided though that the new him was going to embrace his heritage and go by his real name. As a proud italian his aunt was thrilled with this and was all to happy to embrace this change. He was going to be big anthony, a complete change from his former self.

And so it began. Anthony stuffed himself at every opportunity he had. Meals were never missed and they were plentiful. He made it a little bit of a contest to keep up with his aunt. This was a tough challenge though. His aunt was simply a black hole. He would stuff himself with two 3 full plates of pasta at dinner, and his aunt would stuff herself 5 and then finish off 1/3 of a left over cake. He was up for the challenge though.

In the blink of an eye he was 250 lbs. He truly enjoyed it. He loved the feeling of his modest belly that shook in the rare times he moved from the kitchen to his gaming area. AT this point to he decided to start keeping a journal to keep his calories in check.

His aunt was well onto him at this point. This boy was eating like a man possessed. Even she had days where he appetite wasn't the best but this boy ate like his life depended on it. She had also spotted him checking out her sizable body on numerous occasions. He clearly was trying to get fat.

At 300 lbs she knew that she needed to make a change though. He literally was getting winded walking to the kitchen and back. She was by no means going to stop him from gaining but he needed to be more active. She demanded that he enroll in the local community college and began taking a few classes. Anthony was against this at first but Aunt Gina would not budge. She was not going to have him grow into one of those fat people that ended up on a talk show too fat to move. He eventually gave in and enrolled in a couple classes.

This turned out to be a great change. Within a few months anthony's conditioning was getting much better. He had still kept up with his gains though. The school cafeteria and several all you can eat buffets on his commute to school had helped his cause. After a year in school he was up to a healthy 340 Lbs.

He really did enjoy being fat. He loved the authority it gave him. Somehow it made him feel more powerful. He loved how it served as kind of a cushion for his whole body. It was like he was built for leisure. Needless to say he wouldn't be stopping anytime soon.
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Cawalla 9 years
This final chapter seemed like it was written by a different person. There were so many typos and grammatical errors, it made it really hard to read. Sorry.