Tragic loss-turns to a big gain

Chapter 1 - the loss

He was heart broken. Both his parents dead in a tragic car accident. The pain was indescribable. It was almost like someone had shot him in the chest. The pain he felt all over his body was indescribable. It had been three days since the accident and it was still unbearable.

The decision had been made that he would be placed in the custody of his Aunt Gina. His Aunt lived halfway across the country in Ohio. He had never met her before. Everything he did was just sort of a blur. So much babble from child services about his rights and what he could do. he just nodded and smiled and agreed to go live with his aunt. He boarded the plane at LAX for Cleveland and awaited his fate.

How could this happen. He was so ordinary. Ordinary body, lifestyle, family. He was not the person this was supposed to happen to. He was 18 years old just graduated from high school. He played a few sports in high school, dated a few girls, had a loving family. Now he was on a plane to ohio to live with his aunt that he had never met.

He arrived at the airport in Cleveland. He got off the plane with a duffle bag that con sited of his belongings. His Aunt had told him that she would wait for him at baggage claim with a sign with his name. Allen got off the plane nervous about meeting his aunt. He wondered to himself what she would be like, and how accepting she would be of having to take care of an 18 year old boy. The pain of his loss still pushed these thoughts away temporarily. He just wanted peace.

Allen made his way to the baggae claim and began looking around for his Aunt. He finally saw someone with a small sign with his name on it. He was taken back by what he saw. The sign was being held by one of the fattest people he had ever seen.

This women was simply enormous. Her face looked fairly similar to your mother (her sister) , except for the fact that her cheeks were much puffier, and her face was supported by at least three chins. Her stomach billowed out in front of her and appeared to hang down to her knees. Her arms that were uncovered looked to be about as big prized hams. Everything about this women was huge.

Her dress and her appearance was even large per say. She looked like she walked out of an episode of the Sopranos. She was every bit as italian as his mother was.

Allen finally broke his fair amount of shock and approached her hesitantly and simply said, "Aunt Gina?". Once she realized it was allen she immediately engulfed him in an enourmas hug. Allen was almost knocked backwards by her girth. "I'm so sorry sweetheart, for everything you've had to go through", I can only imagine what you are feeling right now". With that Allen immediately started crying. "Its okay sweetheart, I know I'm not you mom but I want you to know that I am here to help you through this". Once they had pulled themselves together after a few minutes of sobs they decided to get going.

Once they got to the car Gina immediately suggested that they should get something to eat. Allen originally insisted that he wasn't hungry. however after his aunt's urging they decided they would stop at the mcdonalds on the way home.
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Daredevil 9 years
Thanks for the feedback guys. Going to clean up the name issues here soon. I do these chapters in kind of a stream of consciousness way where I just sort of sit down and let my keyboard take me away. This sort of lends itself to some typos. I don't really have a long term end point, I just like to sit down every day or two and see where I feel like taking it.
Jenemc 9 years
um. they dont have frostys at mcdonalds. those are at wendys
Huntsman99 9 years
I hope you are going to add more, I love these types of stories!