Under his spell

  By Snp

chapter 1

Beth sat alone in a booth at the crowded bar. She had been so excited for her big date with Matt that she wore a nice black dress and her favorite high heels. But, of course, he stood her up. She shouldn't have been surprised, Matt had a reputation for being unreliable. That was a good description of most of the guys she got involved with. Maybe it was her way of rebelling against her strict upbringing, who knows. Still, she was crushed when he didn't show up. She sobbed softly to herself, trying to hide her face so as not to make a scene. That was another lesson from her childhood - always put on a happy face. She was 24, fresh out of college, and yet here she was playing these stupid games that made her feel like she was still in middle school. She was a very pretty girl with long, brown hair, hazel eyes, a thin, toned body, firm B-cups and a tight little butt. Any guy would be glad to call her his girlfriend. And yet she always gravitated towards bad boys and slackers, like Matt. "Why do I always go after these kinds of guys when I know they're just going to break my heart?" she wondered to herself. "I'm so stupid. I need to grow up and start acting like a woman instead of a little girl." Her thoughts of self pity were interrupted when a man approached her table.

"Hello, my dear" said the man in some sort of European accent. "My name is Vincent. Can I buy you a drink?"

Beth quickly tried to pull herself together and looked up into the man's eyes. They were a gorgeous deep blue. He was very handsome, and looked to be in his mid-to-late thirties. Beth was instantly attracted to him. "Um, sure. I'd love a drink" she said, clearly intimidated by such a good-looking fellow. "I'm Beth, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Beth. Tell you what. Instead of getting a drink here, why don't we go back to my place?" asked Vincent. "I've got much better choices there than the cheap stuff they keep here." He smiled, showing off his perfect white teeth.

Beth had never had a one-night stand before. And she had certainly never followed a stranger back to his apartment after knowing him for all of 20 seconds. But something about this man made her gaga. She couldn't fight the desire for him that was building inside her. She was totally under his spell. "I'd love to" she said with a smile.

They entered the brick building through a small, unmarked door which opened into a long hallway with doors lining either side, one of which Vincent opened for Beth to enter. Once inside, she realized this was more like a room than an apartment as it was just one large room with a bathroom near the back. Despite its size, she admired how well-decorate his apartment was - he was clearly a man of good taste. He gave Beth a quick tour of the place, which eventually led to the bed against the back wall. He told her to take off her dress and heels and have a seat on the bed while he made her a drink at the little bar he had in the corner of the room. In almost a sort of haze, Beth stripped down to her bra and thong and sat on the bed, all the while wondering what she was doing and why she had come here. She never did anything like this. What was she thinking? This tall, handsome stranger had her stripping and lusting over him in no time flat. She had never felt this way about a man. He had a magnetism about him that she couldn't resist.

"You know, Beth, a lot of young ladies go through what you're going through" said Vincent as he looked around the bar. "You get to be a certain age and you want to take that next step into mature womanhood, but you don't know how to do it and you feel like a silly little girl."

Beth looked at Vincent curiously. How did he know that she was thinking that back at the bar? In all her teary-eyed misery, had she been saying those thoughts out loud? Still, she somehow felt safe telling Vincent about her feelings. "I do feel like I'm still acting like a stupid teenager sometimes" said Beth honestly. "It feels like I'm waiting for a switch to be turned on or something and then I'll just magically start acting like a mature woman. I don't know."

"You know, I think I can help you, Beth" said Vincent. "Would you like me to help you become a real woman instead of a silly little girl?"

Beth wasn't sure what to make of Vincent's proposal. Was he asking her for sex? Was he offering to be some sort of mentor to her? She stared into his deep blue eyes and realized that she didn't care what he meant. She just wanted to please this man. "I would love your help, Vincent" she said. "What do I have to do?"

"We have to change you mind, body and soul" Vincent remarked. He poured what looked like a milkshake into a tall glass and held it out for her to take. "Drink this, Beth, and you will be on your way to womanhood. You won't be a silly little girl any longer."

"A drink is going to change my mind, body and soul?" laughed Beth. "What kind of drink is it?"

"It is a weight gain shake. It will put a few pounds on you. You are a beautiful girl, but like you said, you are not a woman. I have promised to make you into a woman, and I will. But to be a woman you need to have a nice, full, womanly figure. Then we can work on your mind."

While she wanted to do as he said, Beth was terrified of gaining weight. She had always been very thin and was raised to think that being anything but thin was disgusting. She sometimes avoided fat people and looked down on them. And forget about ever hooking up with a fat guy, she wouldn't dream of it. But she was so turned on by the thought of being Vincent's girl and having him make her into a real woman that she started to talk herself into it. "It's just one shake. How much can I really gain from that?" she thought to herself. Still, she was hesitant.

"You want to be my woman, don't you?" he asked.


"Then drink this, my dear, and I will make you mine."

Eager to make Vincent happy, Beth finally took the glass and drank it down. It was pretty bland stuff, but the taste wasn't the point. The point was being a good girl for Vincent.

"Very good. I can tell you are going to be a beautiful woman very soon."

She smiled at her man, happy to have pleased him. She started feeling a little light-headed and before long she collapsed on the bed.
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At only 198 she would not be that big and definitely not waddling
Balloon 13 years
Very erotic story! I'd love to see more of Vincent and his work.