Wearing heels

Chapter 1

We had been dating nearly 6 months now, and that beautiful time between spring and summer was starting to end. It was now raining constantly so our once carefree and directionless dates needed to be brought inside.

The main question being 'my place or yours'?

Luckily we chose his.

It was a weekday afternoon, no later than three o'clock when I showed up at his doorstep in his favorite pair of heels with a dress that was 'cut to there' as they say. I had spent more time than usual that day picking out my outfit, deciding whether it should be more of a 'rocker chic' look or the 'austere librarian'.

I settled somewhere in between, my shapely legs shown off in too high heels and a sort of plaid dress that ended mid-thigh.

When he came to the door the look in his eyes seemed ravenous, he exhaled deeply as he opened the door. Taking a long pause as if he needed to drink it all in and savor the moment.

It proved to be a smart move, I wasn't to stay so well dressed for long.

As i entered the doorway he grabbed me. Taking me in his arms and up against his lush and ample body began kissing me passionately. Every ounce of strength in his 340 pound frame was put towards keeping me there, and as one arm held me tightly against him, the other was deftly working on the backings of my dress. Trying to remove it as hastily as he could.

I began to grab at him eagerly, touching as much of his wide body as I could. His cool back giving way to the most glorious and corpulent belly, reaching down to his thighs which were as wide as my entire body, I knelt and understood then why we'd waited so long.

Quickly and with slight but austere force he pulled me back up to his height by the back of my hair, sending a shiver through my entirety. Rising obediently I stared into his eyes, and he nodded to the living room. I walked before him now, in nothing but black heels and lingerie to cover my large and shapely behind, acutely aware of how exposed I was now. I was grateful the curtains had been drawn.

As we reached the sofa he spun me around to face him, again grabbing at my hair to gain better access to my neck. Kissing me deeply he forced me back onto the couch, moving his kisses lower as he went. I landed with a soft squeal on the couch, and he was suddenly ravenous again. Ripping the delicate lace of my lingerie top he started eagerly on my breasts, one pudgy hand massaging while he sucked at the other. Any trace now of the gentle man he had been was gone, transformed by my naked breasts he was chaotic, biting at my nipples and handing them roughly.

I began to whimper from the sheer pleasure of it, writhing beneath his wide body and ample curves I began to sweat. He held me down forcibly and began to fuck me, the pain from the initial size of his member was astonishing and though I tried I couldn't hold back the moans and screams of unrivaled pleasure that were mounting. He began to tease me, riding me gently without any of his initial force or gusto.

It was unacceptable, I needed him and every last inch of him to take me hard and then. "I need it" I whimpered pathetically into his hear, he smiled a little cruelly at me, his round face mocking my proffered need.

Despite his size and strength I was able to wrest him down, and straddling his wide hips began to ride him with an urgency I'd never felt. He grabbed onto my hips, now free from their lacy restraints, and dug his fingers deeply into my soft and yielding flesh. While he was still inside, and on the verge of letting go, I leaned over his ample frame so that my breasts rubbed against his large, round stomach, in a smooth syncopation until we both reached climax and I nearly fell back off of him with the force of it.

As we lay there after, he turned to me slowly and wiped the hair out of my eyes, "Babe," he said "is it almost time for dinner?"
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