First meeting

chapter 1

The couple meets outside of an old roadside diner, though they were strangers they'd shared intimate texts and the collision of reality with perceived fantasy was a bit much. Jess clumsily gathered her wallet and things from her car and greeted Kevin. A tall man with a wide frame, Kevin was a little small for Jess's tastes. There was just the slightest hint of a pooch belly under his over-large T-Shirt. However she had a sneaking suspicion that her own ample proportions were not quite up to his lust for SSBBW women.

The two sat down at a corner booth in the diner, quickly going through the menu and making small talk. Jess spoke quickly about anything and everything that came into her head, a nervous habit she'd never outgrown. Kevin stayed quiet, occasionally answering her questions and slowly seeming to open up and get more comfortable. The waitress came and they made their orders, Jess getting a tall stack of pancakes and Kevin a simple omelette.

"You know I think I'm going to need help with this..." Jess said, realizing her mistake in ordering what was at least 3 pounds of pancakes. "I'm starving but I don't know if I can do all this."

"Well, this is my second breakfast so I'll see what I can do." Kevin replied. He'd already eaten pancakes that morning, and though no longer stuffed to bursting he wasn't sure his appetite was quite up to a triple breakfast yet.

Jess quickly started to reach her limit, she'd guzzled at least 2 glasses of water in her nervousness and after 1.5 of the monster pancakes she was feeling ready to burst. "I need help" she said, as Kevin was finishing the last few bites of his omelette. He looked up at her from his plate "I don't know if I can finish it" he said, with a bit of a smirk on the edge of his lips.

"I know you can, big buy, you've got plenty of room left still" Jess replied, moving to put some pancakes on his plate. Kevin stopped her, and grabbing his fork he began to eat from her mountain of pancakes.

Jess sat back, partly due to the pressure in her stomach from the food in her belly pressing up against her high waisted jeans and partly to get a better view of Kevin as he ate. Despite his protests, he ate with gusto.

The two of them worked to eat the rest of the platter, each taking bites in turn. Jess methodically buttering and coating each bite in maple syrup while Kevin preferred to cut them all up and have them ready to devour ASAP.

Though she was full, Jess knew if she tried she could eat more. That wasn't what this breakfast was about though, this was about watching Kevin eat. Finally there was one pancake left on the platter, Jess moved the plate closer to Kevin and smiled.

"Oh, I don't think so Jess. I just, I already ate breakfast before I drove down, and I ate that whole omelette before these pancakes. You barely ate any at all, you finish." He said, rubbing his gut and looking at her to take pity on his poor distended belly.

Jess had no place for pity though, not right now. She wanted to see him stuffed, and who knew when she might get another chance to see it? "Why don't you take a few breaths, and then you can tackle the rest of this plate? I mean, it's just one pancake. I know you can do it, big guy like you needs the fuel."

Kevin straightened himself up and pulled the plate towards him. Jess breathed deeply, wishing so much that she was on the other side of the booth with him, rubbing that hard gut and feeding him each bite. "Ok, I'll try" he said, and cut up the pancake into little pie slices dripping in butter and maple syrup. She could see the faint outline of his belly against that large shirt, it seemed to be caught on the booth behind him. As he ate she alternated between watching his face and mouth chewing each bite and fantasizing about his swollen gut under the shirt. With the last bite he sat back, satiated. There were 3 pieces left on the plate, and Jess wanted to push him to eat them. She held back, though, and attempted to finish it herself.

After the two had paid the check they slowly made their way outside, each with a hand perched on their swollen mid-sections. They sat in the grass for a moment, and Jess laid back because the pressure from her belly was just to much. "I ate so much, I can't even believe how much I've had just this morning; never mind over the past few days with you egging me on" Kevin said, a slight smile spread across his face. "Good boy" she replied, unbelievably turned on and excited by this man's appetite and willingness to follow direction. Jess gingerly reached over to rub his back, and slyly get a feel for his distended gut.

It wasn't flabby or soft, like her own, but hard like the muscles in his back and shoulders. She looked up at Kevin, awe-struck at his physique and unable to say anything more.

*****OK guys, so here's my latest little word doodle. I have to run off to work for a bit, but I can definitely expand on this. Want I should write more? Tell me! As always thanks for reading, critiques/criticism are welcome.
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Love how they're working at it together!
Built4com4t 7 years
Even better the second read...deliciously arousing fantasy with wonderful word pictures
Built4com4t 7 years
Ok (sigh) if we have to beg :-)
Apple24 7 years
Thank you! I'm working on more now smiley

Chapter 2 is a bit dull, but 3 will have a nice .....finish smiley
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love your doodles...please continue