Xxx3000 - the ultimate adventure

Chapter 1

She hauled herself out of the Olympic sized pool, gasping for breath. It had been 15 weeks of intensive exercise, almost 10 hours a day in the pool. Ellen had been in great shape before, but this was incredible. Whatever pills they were giving her were working. She was told they weren’t steroids, but for an income of $400,000 a year, Ellen would have swallowed horse shit in pill form. She flexed her muscularly expanding thighs and went to her locker. Today was the day she would meet the head boss, Satvianna.

Ever since arriving at the base, her focus was this meeting. Whoever got asked to meet with Satvianna was next to go up. XXX3000 was the new space station, privately owned, and extremely secretive about its work. One could go up if one passed all the tests, had no children or family to speak of, and could build muscle quickly in a pool. While water would not be what everyone was floating in on the space station, beginners trained in water first before moving to lessons in zero gravity in air.

Ellen was a bit concerned. For the practically all of the first 10 weeks of her training, her body fat was at 5%, and she was lean and hard as a rock. Then, in the last five weeks, the pills were pink instead of brown, and she noticed an actual layer of blubber was forming outside the muscles just under her skin. She worked harder to get it off, but try as she might, it wasn’t coming off. She looked like any other normal thin woman, but she should have looked like a professional swimmer. With half an inch of blubber, her actual muscles and leanness were hidden. She was very concerned Satvianna would see this and reject her.

She cleaned herself up, put on her best outfit, and was escorted out of the dorm and training areas to a large space ship. Not expecting to be leaving that moment, she panicked and asked the guards if she could get her stuff. They pointed to two more guards, slower to catch up, who had all of her stuff in 4 bags. This is it, she thought to herself. I am leaving earth. With a giddiness and quick step, she hurried inside and went straight to the receiving room.

Ellen stopped in her tracks when she saw Satvianna. The woman was floating in what seemed to be air, encased in a hard plastic ball that rolled on the floor in various directions that were controlled by wires from Satvianna’s hands. The woman was so obese that her eyes had to be pried open with devices that permanently rested in the sockets, and there would never be a way for the woman to touch her feet, or even her two hands together, as fat flowed and rippled upon her in globs that looked like small countries. Ellen had no idea if she was repulsed or fascinated or both. This seemed totally opposite of what she expected after 15 weeks of the most intensive training of her life.
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Sparkle 12 years
I really enjoyed this smiley
Carlos Franc... 14 years
awesome,more chapters...keep the good work
Chub41ub 14 years
wow, please don't stop writing- this is so captivating & sensuous my eyes didn't wanna stop either ^_^ nice job